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What Causes Snoring – Top 7 Causes of Snoring

“Too much of something is bad enough”. So goes the saying. But few people ever take it to heart. Most of us overindulge in life’s little pleasures, not realizing that even too much of a good thing can be disastrous.

Even if snoring is actually an option, it is not a fashion statement. Very few of those who snore know that they could have prevent snoring. There are many causes of snoring – a few are listed below :

Excess tissue on the throat area : People who are overweight often have this, which contributes to their heavy snoring during sleep. This adds extra pressure on the airway, which worsens the snoring.

Tongue Falls Backward – Throat Muscles Draw In : People who drink alcohol lose control of their muscles and the nervous system. Thus with alcohol drinking, one’s tongue is more likely to fall backward during sleep, thereby causing the person to snore. This could also happen when a person is in deep sleep and becomes very relaxed.

Long Soft Palate and Uvula : During breathing, these will vibrate causing the snoring sound. As the long palate narrows the space between the nose and the throat, this is even made worse with the uvula being long as well.

Causes of SnoringEnlarged tonsils and adenoids : This is common among children, which causes them to snore while they sleep. Adenoids are glands on the nasal passages that help trap harmful bacteria. These are usually swollen which contributes to the problem.

Nasal Airways Obstruction / Allergies : On having colds, or nasal infections, snoring is likely to happen during your sleep. An obstruction on the throat like cysts and tumors can obstruct air passage.

Narrow Throat : Those born with a narrow throat will also increase the likelihood of snoring. The small space on the throat area restricts air passage, and thus requires some amount of force for air to pass through.

Deviated Nasal Septum : When the nasal septum is so deformed that it blocks air to pass on either one or to both nostrils, this contributes to snoring. Deviated nasal septum may have been so during birth, but is also caused by a trauma to the face.

The many causes of snoring are varied. Some are inherent on birth, while others due to lifestyle choices though the years. Some causes of snoring have been caused by some infection or allergy on the nasal airways.

The different causes of snoring can be addressed on an appropriate ways. While some can be remedied by a lifestyle change – eating healthy and living actively will solve your being overweight. Others require the use of mechanical devices as CPAP or Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, but only treats snoring temporarily.

When no longer using this device during sleep, snoring comes back. Others require surgery, but this should be considered as a last recourse. While the types of treatment particular to the causes of snoring are many, the last say will definitely be with you.

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