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Omega Body Blueprint Review – John Romaniello Fat Loss Program

The Omega Body Blueprint is an advanced fat loss program that is the spiritual descendent of John Romaniello – Final Phase Fat Loss. Intended to help you reach your omega body this course focuses on achieving hormonal optimization, to help you burn off the stubborn fat that has been clinging to your trouble areas.

The premise of the product is simple: it’s much harder to lose the last 5-15 pounds than it is to lose the first 20, 30, or even 50. The reasons for this are hormonal.

Omega Body Blueprint Review

When you are down to the last few pounds, nearly ALL of the fat you still have to lose will be concentrated in certain trouble areas: hips, love handles, belly, etc. The reason for this is hormones: regional fat storage is a product of hormonal imbalances. The Omega Body Blueprint, in addition to being a fantastic training program, is designed to address these imbalances and crush the hormonally influenced fat storage.

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Omega Body Blueprint Overview

Overall - 96%
Safety - 95%
Content - 97%
Success Rate - 95%
Consumer Ratings - 94%



Omega Body Blueprint covers the relationship of hormones like leptin, ghrelin, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, IFG-1, insulin, and Growth Hormone to fat loss and body comp and more importantly, it discusses the relationship of these hormones to each other, and how that helps (or hinders) fat loss.

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Omega Body Blueprint In Depth Review

Omega Body Blueprint covers the relationship of hormones like leptin, ghrelin, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, IFG-1, insulin, and Growth Hormone to fat loss and body comp and more importantly, it discusses the relationship of these hormones to each other, and how that helps (or hinders) fat loss.

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose body fat is pretty familiar with this scenario … you go on a diet, eating less, you start losing weight …things are good for a bit. You lose 5 pounds, ten pounds …. maybe 15 , but then something happens – things slow down and then they STOP completely. You look at the calendar and realize that it took you the same amount of time to lose the first 12 pounds as it did to lose the last 3!

At this rate, you’ll be dieting for another year before you lose those last 5 pesky pounds hanging out around your midsection. Thankfully, it does not have to be that way … in fact, not only is it possible to lose those last few pounds in just weeks it’s actually possible to lose those stubborn pounds directly from your trouble areas, like love handles, belly, or hips.

So why it’s “easy” to lose the first 20 pounds and impossible to lose the last 2? The answer? Your hormones. When you start losing body fat, you create a hormonal shift in your body specifically, a hormone called LEPTIN starts to decrease when you lose fat.


Leptin is a hormone which basically controls how quickly you’re able to lose fat.  The higher your leptin levels are, the faster you can lose fat. Leptin is produced in the fat cells so the more fat you have, the higher your levels are meaning the faster you can lose fat. On the other hand – the less fat you have – the slower fat loss happens.

The key to restarting your fat loss is all about optimizing your hormones. In the case of what we just discussed, you NEED to keep leptin levels from falling too much, but you also want to address hormones like insulin, cortisol, and estrogen because these hormones are responsible for where you store the fat.

The Omega Body Blueprint created by John Romaniello, is all about creating rapid, aggressive, lasting fat loss through hormonal optimization – and in just 6 weeks, you will burn more fat than you had in the past 6 months! John is an expert in this area. In 2013, he wrote a book about it that debuted on the New York Times bestseller list. Roman’s the expert’s expert : one of the guys the industry looks to to learn about this stuff.

Omega Body Blueprint program addresses everything :

  • How to eat according to your G-FLUX – taking in the exact right amount of food
  • Taming the hunger hormone “ghrelin” so you NEVER struggle
  • The BEST fat loss workouts to kill your love handles
  • Simple tricks to FIX your broken metabolism so you can lose weight without dieting

You see, Omega Body Blueprint  addresses every single aspect of your fitness. In addition to the training manual (which outlays a complete 6-week program made up of 24 individual workouts), you’ve also got a comprehensive nutrition guide that breaks down every aspect of dieting, calculators to tell you exactly how much to eat … everything.

You’re not just getting 24 amazing workouts, plus a full nutrition guide, plus the calculators and supplement guide – you’re also going to get the “cheat sheet” quick start guide that makes the program even easier.

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Inside Omega Body Blueprint Members Area

Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual : This manual covers the complete training theory and all Twenty Four Hormonal Response Training workouts included in the program. That’s 6 full weeks of programming and training, all in once place.


Omega Body Blueprint Workout Charts : Keeping records is vitally important – the single best way to progress is to know what to increase and what to decrease. The problem is, this can sometimes be a pain.

To make things easier and more user friendly, John Romaniello had these workout charts professionally designed so that each and every workout has it’s own chart, completely detailed with what exercises to do, how many sets, how many reps, and even some notes. All you have to do is to print one out, bring it to the gym, and you’re good to go!


Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Calculator : When it comes to nutrition, it’s not just about what you eat; it’s about when and how much. Well, the Omega Nutrition Calculator is going to take care of all of that. In this training library, every exercise in the program will be demonstrated with pictures and described so you know exactly how to perform each for the greatest benefit.


Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Manual : Anyone who knows anything about fitness can tell you that nutrition is by far the larger piece of the fat loss puzzle. That’s why no matter how awesome the workout in OBB are, you need some guidance when it comes to your diet if you really want to build your Omega Body.

To that end, John Romaniello put down all of my theories on nutrition in one place; everything he knows about eating for fat loss, hormonal optimization, and health in one place.


Omega Mody Blueprint Spplement Guide : Supplements are an iffy part of the fitness industry. Some are fantastic, and others are complete crap – knowing which is which is the hard part. Thankfully, it’s part of my job. If you have the right stuff and use it the right way, supplements can definitely accelerate your progress.

And so in this guide, John Romaniello outlined the ones that will help you meet your goals, and give you a rundown of which to stay away from – incredibly helpful for getting results without wasting money!


Omega Body Blueprint Quick Start Check List : There’s an old saying that if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Well, John taken every step to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. To that end, he created the Omega Body Blueprint quick-start check list – just go through the list before you start – it details everything you need to get started with the program.


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