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Hypothyroidism Revolution By Tom Brimeyer – Review

People with hypothyroidism is always looking for natural thyroid treatment instead of choosing conventional medication. The reason is simply because traditional medicine to solve thyroid symptoms hasn’t established a great reputation for providing a long-term solution for hypothyroidism. In this article we present a proven natural thyroid treatment program developed by Tom Brimeyer, the author of Hypothyroidism Revolution, a functional medicine practitioner and health researcher who already cured thousands of hypothyroidism patients around the world. His method involves three steps natural thyroid treatment process which includes diet, supplements and exercise.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Overview

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The Hypothyroidism Revolution program contains a great deal of information on how to treat hypothyroidism through diet and nutrition. The program was developed by Tom Brimeyer, a health researcher who for many years struggled to find a remedy for his own chronic health issues.

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About Tom Brimeyer

Tom Brimeyer is the owner at Brimeyer Health Solutions, founded in January, 2009, the author of two books, Hypothyroidism Revolution and Nutrition & Hormones, and a functional medicine practitioner. He has a Master of Tom BrimeyerScience degree in electrical engineering at university of Florida in 2005. Then he worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. However, during the working period, he was battling with hypothyroidism health problems and was brought to functional medicine. Since that time he has been fortunate enough to investigate and learn from many widely recognized and knowledgeable physicians, health research and health practitioners in the world.

Being an engineer, whenever he discovered new things, he felt the necessity to realize exactly the way it worked. So, it had been second nature to become enthralled in examining and knowing the complexities surrounding hormones, nutrition, the digestive system, numerous processes of the body, and the way each of them interacted and worked together. Finally, he developed a complete natural thyroid treatment program called “Hypothyroidism Revolution” using the holistic approach in stopping hypothyroidism via getting rid of the underlying causes. Since 2006, he cured thousands of hypothyroidism sufferers around the world to overcome their own health issues and many of them were failed by way of the conventional medical model.

Hypothyroidism Revolution


Through the contact with his patient, he discovered that folks felt helpless regarding their health simply because they didn’t fully understand what was actually happening to them. And also their doctors and healthcare providers even more enabled this feeling by informing them to accept their health conditions and learn how to deal with them the best they could, mainly because there was no hope of any full recovery. That is the reason he developed the Hypothyroidism Revolution that is revolutionizing the way in which the world sees and treat hypothyroidism by destroying it at the source.

Hypothyroidism Revolution In Depth Review

The Hypothyroidism Revolution program works in 3 phases which include diet, supplements, and exercise. In the subsequent paragraph, we will explain each phase in more detail.

Hypothyroidism Revolution – Treatment With Diet

Most health care practitioners acknowledge that food is the best medicine. To eat right natural thyroid treatment, Hypothyroidism Dietdiet can certainly help hypothyroidism patients improve their thyroid hormone production. A rise in thyroid hormone production that reaches ordinary level, can also bring metabolism back to normal level. On the other hand, wrong hypothyroidism diet plans could reduce your thyroid gland function, affect your hormone pathways, cause digestive system upset and discomfort, and cause poisonous byproducts that congest your liver. Therefore, diet therapy plays an extremely important role in restoring thyroid function.

In natural thyroid treatment – The 1`st Phase of Hypothyroidism Revolution – you will gradually remove the foods which hurt your thyroid. Simultaneously, you are going to progressively add the right foods to reach your best thyroid healing diet, which will furnish your thyroid the huge boost that it is required to help your cells generate sufficient energy for you. At the end of Phase 1, your energy level is going to be rapidly rising.

You will additionally also start to experience lots of other changes associated with the improved thyroid function. Your skin will start to clear up and shine while your nails and hairs are going to look more healthy again. You will get Tom’s personal thyroid healing cookbook that he utilized to treat his own hypothyroidism. It includes 48 tasty and thyroid beneficial recipes. In addition, you also get two Made-For-You meal plans one for male and one for female) using the recipes directly from that healing cookbook so you don’t have to figure out your meal plans yourself.

Hypothyroidism Revolution – Treatment with Supplements

At natural thyroid treatment – The Phase 2 of Hypothyroidism Revolution – it is all about speeding up your improvement to an entire new level. During this step your diet should go through various changes together with the introduction of three essential nutrients which are necessary for reversing the adverse hormonal cycles that influence on your thyroid.

You will also observe firsthand when your thyroid heals while you keep track of your thyroid function for the duration of this process. During this phase you establish the transition into your complete hypothyroidism healing diet, applying all the supplied resources (diet calculators, meal plans, recipes), you will start to improve your diet plan for your specific needs which will keep you feeling your absolute best.

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Hypothyroidism Revolution – Treatment With Exercise

Exercise is vital to regulate the metabolic process and burn calories. Workout can help hypothyroidism patients get Hypothyroidism Exercisein shape and lose weight. People with hypothyroidism often have a problem with weight gain. One way to counter the outcome of a slow metabolism is to reverse it up with normal exercise. Exercise can cause cells to be more sensitive to thyroid hormone and raises the amount of hormone that is released from the thyroid gland. Although dieting can reduce the metabolic rate, exercise is able to bring it back up.

At natural thyroid treatment – the 3`rd Phase of Hypothyroidism Revolution – you are a completely new person already and in this phase it concentrates on continuously building upon the foundation that you just established. You are going to start incorporating healthy lifestyle factors like the “right” type of exercise that would help enhance your thyroid and avoid the “wrong” kinds of exercise which are so popular today that only push your thyroid on the ground.

To accomplish these 3 phases, first you are going to receive a quick start kit that includes four manuals :

  • 60 Day Plan : This plan has two purposes. First, it will guide you through the entire system and let you be acquainted with what you will get and what you should do, and it serves as an outline of the program. The second objective is to inspire you and mentally set you ready for what you are going to take as well as how to proceed with the progress you are expected to accomplish as you implement the program.
  • Quick Start Diet Guide : The guide provides the ideal diet for best thyroid functions. You will know what kind of foods that you need to stay away and the food that you should consume with regards to their influence on thyroid functions as well as how you can achieve a balance on your diets. You also learn what you need to do when you eat at restaurants because this situation is always to become a very bothersome problem, especially for people who work the whole day and require to eat lunch outside.
  • Quick Start Resource Guide : The guide gives you various untapped resources to obtain the very best quality foods with the cheapest prices. You will also discover to avoid a number of thyroid toxic products you frequently use and substitute them with beneficial ones. In addition, you will find out where you can get an important supplementary food which is rare in the market.
  • Quick Start Supplement Guide : This guide provides you with the supplements necessary to achieve the best results in your plan. The supplement is not a replacement for your healthy diet, but assists with collaboration with the diet. You’ll know what you need and how to get them at the lowest prices.

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Once you read through the quick start kit, it is time to take a look at the owner manual, The Hypothyroidism Revolution program. It will walk you through those three phases in complete details beginning to realize the truth regarding hypothyroidism with the misconceptions thoughts that many people think. You will understand the actual causes of hypothyroidism that may be due to different hormonal changes which may be induced by different diets. This natural thyroid treatment program employs with different concepts to diagnose hypothyroidism and monitor the evolution of the condition with two distinct methods you might never heard of.

Then Tom explains the regular hypothyroid treatments and the reason why many of them are ineffective or even harmful. Next, you will know the relationship connecting hypothyroidism and some food components such as fats and carbohydrates with specific emphasis on the thyroid enhancing foods and recipes. In addition, there are sections regarding the relationship between hypothyroidism and hormones and how you can convert this to your advantages as well as role of lose weight programs in creating hypothyroidism and the diet plan you should follow in order to lose weight and is healthy to your thyroid.

Moreover, you also get meal plans, diet calculators, resources, and specific recipes that customize everything to fulfill your personal natural thyroid treatment needs. Also, you get all the tools you need to monitor your improvement therefore you know what you are doing. Furthermore, if you need help, you can personally contact Tom Brimeyer and he will help you what to do to ensure your success.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Conclusion

Hypothyroidism Revolution is a complete natural thyroid treatment program that hypothyroidism sufferer needs because this program covers all the aspects of hypothyroidism in a holistic natural approach. It mainly depends on making certain adjustments of the diet plans in particular ways that remove the thyroid harmful foods and then introduce useful foods and nutrients to attain the balance of hormone. You are provided with all the manuals and tools you need to implement this program as well as the tools needed to monitor your progress to increase your achievement.

Another extremely important benefit of this program is that you can contact the author anytime you want if you have any question. He will provide you with more support than you can think of to ensure your success. He will hold your hand to implement this program. . This natural thyroid treatment program (Hypothyroidism Revolution) is carried by world largest digital product retailer Clickbank.com and they have 8 weeks no question asked money back guarantee. Therefore, your investment is secure. Following a proven natural thyroid treatment program and an experienced mentor is the shortcut to treat your hypothyroidism.

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