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Acai Berry : The Best Anti-Aging Food

Acai Berry is the new antiaging super food.  Growing all over the Amazon Rainforest, Acai Berry is the main staple of food in Brazil.  In fact, it makes up more than 50 % of the people’s diet there.  They not only eat and drink Acai Berry, but they build things out of the other parts of the tree.

The Acai Berry tree is more like a giant palm tree. The berries grow in bunches, similar to grapes. 80% of the berry is actually made up of a seed. The berries must be harvested, pitted and then are used to make desserts, drinks, smoothies and other types of food.

The bark from the trees are used to build housing and the leaves are used to make brooms and other commercial items. There are many different benefits to consuming Acai Berry on a regular basis. Besides the weight loss benefits, Acai Berry is chalked full of anti-aging benefits as well!

Acai Berry is full of antioxidants. In fact, as a fruit, it has more antioxidants than any other fruit in the world, nearly. You can purchase Acai Berry in powder form, supplement form or juice form from your local health food store. You can order it online too, but beware of online ordering scams.

MAcai Berryany of them charge very little for a trial sample of Acai Berry and then once you order it, you go on their direct order list, which means they send you out a new product in 14 days unless you cancel your product order 14 days from the day you actually order it (not from the day you receive it in the mail). They have your credit card number and will continue to bill you every 30 days for $80 to $100.

Acai Berry is full of antioxidants and can provide the user with more energy. Athletes in Brazil like to mix the pulp from Acai Berry with granola as a morning treat. You can mix it with yogurt or another type of juice and drink. Drinking just 1 tablespoon of it a day has cancer-fighting benefits and more.

Here are just a few of the benefits of consuming Acai Berry on a regular basis:

  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • increased stamina
  • aids in better digestion
  • improved sleep and help fighting insomnia
  • enhanced mental health
  • builds a stronger immune system (people who take Acai Berry on a regular basis eventually stop getting sick all together)
  • have healthier skin
  • retain a more youthful appearance
  • has many detoxification benefits
  • may help to improve your circulation
  • cancer fighting benefits
  • help build strong muscle
  • help build a healthier heart

Many people love the taste of Acai Berry. Unfortunately, if you do not live in the Amazon, it may be hard to obtain. Avoid ordering it online, but check with your local health food store. Make sure that you’re getting 100 % real Acai Berry.

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