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Olive Oil : Anti-Aging Benefits – Turn Back the Hands of Time

Olive oil has been around for centuries.  One woman from France of 122 years old, attributes her long life to consuming olive oil daily as well as rubbing it into her skin.  The cosmetic industry is full of olive oil, whether you realize it or not, and you can use olive oil as your own anti-aging base for making your own beauty products.  One saying of the Spanish is, “Olive oil will take the pain away”.  Apparently this is a proven fact, which is becoming increasingly more popular!

Pure extra virgin olive oil contains ingredients which act similarly to ibuprofen.  It is not as strong, but is a natural pain reliever!  This active ingredient is called oleocanthal.  It can make a huge difference in inflammation relief.  Inflammation is linked to other diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.  It won’t cure such diseases, but it can certainly help!

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is a lot healthier than cooking with butter and other fats.  People who consume olive oil on a regular basis seem to be cancer resistant.  Not to mention its wonderful taste!

Consuming too much fatty foods can do considerable damage to your heart over time.  Fatty foods can clog your Extra Virgin Olive Oilarteries and consuming too much alcohol can cause a lot of damage too!  Drinking red wine falls into the category of a good alcohol you can drink, as long as you don’t abuse the privilege and only stick to one glass a day if you’re a woman, and no more than two a day if you’re a man.  Olive oil is absolutely beneficial when it comes to your heart.  Alone, it won’t do the truck, but it will provide a vast improvement!

If you must eat fattening food, using olive oil can still help you break down the fats.  You must consume olive oil as part of your regular diet in order for this to be true and effective.  So, consume plenty of olive oil, but have that occasional hamburger too!

Try dipping French bread in flavored olive oil (which you can make yourself), drizzle it over salads and cook your pastas and meats in it.  Olive oil can add greatness to any food.  I personally love marinating my meats for grilling in seasonings and beer, but I also drizzle a little olive oil over it to keep it tender and moist.

Olive oil is packed full of antioxidants, which is great for keeping us young!  It is a natural food and can be used to flavor and for cooking.  In order for olive oil to be effective and healthy for you, only need to consume two to three tablespoons of it a day!  That’s not very much, when you think about it?

Olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fats, which is good for us!  It can fight against heart disease and help to trim our waist lines!  It is also full of anti-inflammatory components and is just good and healthy for us overall.

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