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A Closer Look At Muscle Arthritis

Various Types of Muscle Arthritis

The inflammation of muscle tissues is known as myositis and a specific type of muscle arthritis is called dermatomyositis. (If a rash is not noted, then it is known as polymyositis.) Soreness, pain, as well as inflammation of the muscles occur; and are accompanied by a dry rash on the skin. It is usually seen on a person’s face, neck, chest, and back; the shoulders are also affected at times. Furthermore, the muscles of the heart and lung tissues are also damaged and the inflammation is a dusky and reddish in color. This condition is an autoimmune kind and anti- inflammatory drugs such as steroids, are included as medications.

There is also another disease considered to a muscle arthritis- fibromyalgia. This can bring on pain in the joint, as well as in the other connective tissues; ligaments and tendons. These, along with muscle pain, aches, fatigues, headache, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, and numbness of the extremities, are all part of the disease. A person is only diagnosed if the above symptoms are present for 3 months or more. Eleven out of the eighteen trigger points connected with fibromyalgia, must also be tender when touched.

This disease has had simple medications that were all directed to the relief of the pain being felt and for other specific symptoms. Nowadays, medications are made specifically for fibromyalgia and they are officially available in the marker, with a prescription. Around 2 percent of people have this type of muscle arthritis.Muscle Arthritis

  • Lupus, a systematic illness is also part of arthritis within the muscles. Joints are also affected, but their patients who experience muscle pains and aches. It is treated using corticosteroids and more immune system modifiers. If a person has lupus, symptoms such as a rash-shaped like a butterfly-across the face, fatigue, fever, arthritis of the joints, and others are noted. When a diagnosis is made, blood work usually helps in doing so. Since this disease is autoimmune, its cause is still unknown and it is more common in men than it is in women; ten times more.
  • There is another type of muscle arthritis, which is Polymyalgia rheumatica. This disease causes symptoms that are moderate to severe ones such as muscle pain. A person who has this disease usually feels the pain within the neck area, shoulders, as well as the hips.

With this disease, he will also have a high sedimentation rate of red blood cells. Polymyalgia rheumatica is also usually connected with a vascular affliction that is a serious case, called polyarteritis; a giant cell arthritis that causes the blood vessels to be inflamed. If treatment is done at an early stage, then both conditions will improve.

When prednisone, a corticosteroid, is given, a remission occurs and may last for a long time. This drug is also restarted if the condition continues; it then controls the symptoms. In such cases, a non-steroidal anti inflammatory medication may also be used. If a person does not treat this disease, it can take up to one year or more for it to go away on its own.

  • A type of muscle arthritis which is a result of the side effects of drugs, to lower cholesterol called statins or lipid reducing drugs also exists. This disease, known as rhabdomyolysis, may lead to serious implications such as heart and kidney damage. Those who take statins must report unusual muscle pains felt, as early as possible, to their physicians.

Although muscle arthritis causes pain and may be frightening, most types or forms have positive response when treatment is done. Keep in mind to always use the right and prescribed treatment, know more about the disease, and report muscle pains felt to a physician.

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