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Are There Any Herbal Remedies For Arthritis?

Many people have looked for herbal remedies for arthritis as a solution to their problems as greater reliance can be put in them. Scroll down for some in depth information.

Arthritis is basically a disease comprising of different pains in joint and other parts of the body. It is basically a condition that people suffer from.

There are many different types of arthritis, most commonly known as Osteoarthritis, Gout, and Pseudogout. According to a survey, there are thousands of people who are suffering from Arthritis and re fighting hard to survive from it.

Curing from arthritis is not very easy, as the medicines and surgeries require are very much expensive. Apart from that, there has not been a lot of work done by scientists, medical associations in order prove that supplements, and drugs available for arthritis are 100% perfect and are without any side effects.

This is why people have opted for herbal remedies for arthritis as herbs are natural and are without any unpleasant ingredient. Apart from bringing a cure for arthritis, herbs bring in the added benefits of enhancing mental attitude and performance.

What are the herbal remedies for arthritis?

herbal remedies for arthritisHerbs are the gift of God, and it can be wrong to say that herbs may bring disadvantage to people. However, a proper dosage should be followed, as excessive use of certain drugs may cause allergy or can be harmful for the human body.

In order to get rid of arthritis, herbal remedies have been very popular and getting the attention of many people. Following is a list of them, and the ways in which they help to solve the arthritis problem.

  • Raw Ginger – Ginger comes in most popular solution for your arthritis problem. It can be found in homes easily, so it is very cost effective. People are advised to rub the infected area with a piece of ginger. It helps to lower down the pain and swelling. One can also try to place the piece of ginger in the grimy area and cover it with a piece of cloth to allow soothing.
  • Apple cider and honey – The mixture of apple cider and a teaspoon of honey should be dissolved with a glass of warm water. A daily glass of this sweet mixture helps in strengthening the bones.
  • Boswellia – It acts a like an anti-inflammatory drug bringing relief to the pain.
  • Dong quai – The use of dong quai helps in relieving joint pains. It is recommended to take a tablespoon of it with every lunch and dinner meal.
    Many of the people from Scotland have made use of Cod Liver Oil. They say that the use of this oil has helped in reducing stiffness in joints.
  • ComfreyComfrey has turned out to be one of the best herbs for arthritis. It helps in building the damaged tissues and allows reducing the pain in joints.

Nevertheless, before one should use the herbal treatments, he should consult his doctor. In addition, the prescriptions should be according to the doctor as overuse of drugs can be very dangerous and bring in certain side effects and allergy.

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