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Arthritis and Injury

Arthritis is a state of pain and soreness in the joints of a human body. There are different types of arthritis, as it is not only a disease, but also a mixture of many situations. Arthritis is one of most commonly diseases and many people are suffering from it. However, people should look forward to avoid injuries that ultimately results in arthritis.

Who is at risk?

The two words: arthritis and injury are very much related. This is because in the group of elderly people arthritis has been the risk factor for fall related injuries. On the other hand, injuries on hip and knee can seriously be dangerous and may result in osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. Some reports suggest that if you have a knee injury in the early stages of your life, there is risk of five times that you will suffer from osteoarthritis.

Injuries related to falling can be categorized into two groups. There can be one, which are modifiable risk factors for injuries related to fall, and there can be non-modifiable factors too. If we talk about non-modifiable risk factors, this may include the reduction in vision, age unsteady gait.

Arthritis and InjuryIn contrast with non-modifiable risk factors, modifiable risk factor comprise of low toilet seats, high cold temperatures and poor lighting. Uncomfortable chairs and wet floors also contributing to the modifiable risk factors.

How the above can be prevented?

It is very important that one should try to reduce the chances of fall related injuries. The solution to reduce injuries and arthritis are closely connected. If one tries to take immediate to reduce the risk of fall, ultimately the chances to reduce arthritis lessen. Following is a list of factors one should take in order to reduce the chances of fall related injuries.

  • Always have a proper sleep.
  • Avoid walking in the dark. Always take torch lights or night bulbs when getting out of bed at night.
  • Proper footwear should always be worn.
  • Furnitures and couches in the room should be arranged properly so that there is enough space to walk in the room.
  • Always use the support when getting off from the staircase.
  • Avoid any talking or chatting while you walk.
  • There should be proper light in every room.

Apart from that, if someones do have a fall related injury, he should try precautionary steps in order to avoid the pain and soreness caused by arthritis. If one can, he should have an oil massage to the infected area. The use of olive oil in massages has brought good results. Apply the oil on the area and then it is better to rub thoroughly to bring more effectiveness.

The use of raw ginger is also popular in reducing the pain caused by the injury and the arthritis. What one can do is taking a piece of fresh or slightly cooked ginger and then rubbing it on the grimy area. You can also put that piece, and rather that rubbing it, cover it with a piece of cloth, which also brings sadness and relief from the pain caused by arthritis.

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