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Guide To Lower Back Pain Relief And Prevention

When you suffer from lower back pain you will want to do as much as you can to find lower back pain relief. Pain in your lower back can be caused by many things such as accidents and muscle strain. Perhaps the most common cause of back pain is when you use the muscles in your back in ways that you shouldn’t such as lifting incorrectly or bending down for too long. A slipped disk is another reason why you might be experiencing back pain. A slipped disk happens when the disk between the bones of your spine pops out and pushes on your nerves. This type of injury can occur when you twist while you are lifting a heavy object.

If you have injured your back and are looking for low back pain relief the best position you can be in is lying on your back on the floor while at the same time putting a cushion under your knees. Bend your knees and put your feet up on a chair if you can. This position will help to take the weight and pressure off your lower back. If you are experiencing back pain you might need to take two or three days rest. You don’t want to rest for too long since this can weaken the muscles in your back and will make your recovery even slower. Make sure that you walk around every hour or so even if you are in pain.

lower back pain reliefThere are several other things that you can do for relief from lower back pain. Try using heating pads to get some relief from muscle spasms. Only use the heating pad for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and then take a break for at least a couple of hours. You might also find that ice packs can provide you with some relief. Massage will also ease the pain in your back, but make sure that you go to a specialized therapist who won’t further damage your injured and sore back.

There are some back pain relief products that you can take to bring you some comfort. There are several non-prescriptions medications that are ideal for swelling and pain such as Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, and Orudis.

If your back pain in ongoing and never seems to go away you should talk to your family doctor. If you are carrying any extra weight you might need to drop a few pounds to relieve the pressure and weight on your lower and upper back. Start exercising so that you get your back muscles back into shape and improve your posture. Poor posture when standing, sleeping, or sitting can lead to back pain.

The back pain that never goes away is called a “chronic” pain. Talk to your doctor about finding chronic back pain relief so that you can live your life as normally as possible. Even though the pain makes it difficult for you to be active, inactivity will only make your condition worse.

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