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How To Cure Arthritis Shoulder Pain

Due to a type of arthritis,shoulder pain is observed while lifting, throwing something or other activities connected with the shoulder being used. This can be cured with the proper diagnosis and planning.

What really happens?

Shoulder arthritis, a form of arthritis, can be seen mainly in older persons. As people get older, their joints become vulnerable due to the loss of smooth cartilage coating on the bones, connected to the shoulder. This condition is called arthritis shoulder pain and there can be many reasons behind the development of this disease.

The shoulder is a connection of two different joints; the smaller Acromio-Clavicular (AC) and the Gleno-Humeral Joint (GH), which are also known as the socket and ball joint. The location is the area where the arm rests in the shoulder blade. The damages of either one of these joints can be very painful and to detect the presence of arthritis, x-ray is needed.

Medications used

The most common form of medication for this disease is the oral medication, used for reducing the inflammation and pain felt in the joints. Generally, anti inflaarthritis shoulder painmmatory drugs like NSAIDs are prescribed at the beginning stage and it can run for a long period of time. Often, shorter courses of a-more powerful drug is introduced to aid the situation.

These medications, mainly contain steroids or artificial hormones such as prednisone. They are prescribed in such a way that can be later stopped, without having any effects. Physical therapy is also given to some patients in order for them to keep their shoulders working. Lack of movement for a long time can make the joint become stiff, so regular and light exercises are suggested. This way, the patient does not have to be stressed and proper placement of the joint- elements is also ensured.

The odds during treatment

In some cases, this process does not work and such conditions require steroid injections in the shoulder. The advantage of this method is the act of deploying anti inflammatory drugs directly into the damaged area of the shoulder. Though the effect of this treatment may not last for so long, it effectively indicates whether the arthritic area is the reason behind the shoulder pain felt. Thus, this process works as a diagnostic technique. Patients can act normally within the sixth months of visits to the hospital, to get the injections.

If the above efforts do not work, then to cure arthritis shoulder, surgery must be done. Keep in mind that shoulder damage is avoided by obtaining an MRI at an early time.

Surgery as a solution

When it is found that the upper joint is the source of the pain felt and the above procedures fail, relatively a small surgery is must be done to solve the problem. The pain actually experienced, is due to the rubbing of the damaged edges of the bones the AC joint. This surgery involves removing the damaged ends of the bones and the scar too. The open procedure used in the past is obsolete and modern surgeries are now done with a fiber-optic tool, known as an arthroscope.

If the ball and socket shoulder joint are detected to be arthritic, then the surgery becomes more complex. It requires a six inch- long incision and the damaged joint surface is replaced. Plastic and metal are used to bring back their functionality. This is the most effective procedure available and it is being used by many hospitals; it is often called- Total Shoulder Replacement. The patients can be fully recovered within six to twelve months post-surgery. The happiest patients are said to be the ones who have had this surgery. They are now living a fulfilling life.

To cure arthritis shoulder pain, a you should report to your doctor, any type of pain felt, for a few weeks or so. With the help of NSAIDs, shoulder pain can easily be treated.

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