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How To Treat Osteoarthritis Without Medication

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Several factors are behind the cause of this form of arthritis which involves limited motion and pain. Hip joint and knee joint are mainly affected by this disease, but fortunately by taking certain steps, patients can treat osteoarthritis without the use of medication.

Since arthritis is treated by applying medications and therapy for individual effects of the disease, taking different steps for the different forms of attack can cure the pain and suffering. The main function of the medication used in the treatment of osteoarthritis is to alleviate the pain, but not diminishing or making it disappear. The patient would still feel pain, but not feel as much of it because of the shutting down of nerves done with the medication. This treatment will not, however, affect the damage that’s already been done. It will just hide the pain, but not cure it. Eventually the damage will go on and lead to destructive effects.

Researchers have found that various tribes have not ever experienced arthritis and not even any heart diseases. It is a wonder that while the developed countries- with their modern technology and wisdom in medical science- cannot prevent arthritis. These tribal people who do not even take any medication, manage to live over 100 years and can be active till the day of their death. Looking at the lifestyle of the tribe members, the answer can be found. The most important thing they do is- eat natural foods; they do not even know what an ‘additive’ is. The second reason is that they are always active, unlike many of the people in the developed circles of the world.

By learning their ways, knowing their lifestyle, and gathering essential information, experts have suggested a few effective ways to treat osteoarthritis naturally.

Treat Osteoarthritis

Here they are:

1. 80% of the population of the world suffer from dehydration. While 70% of the human body contains water, people are more used to drinking soda, hard drinks, coffee, tea, juices or any liquid with flavor. These drinks will cause an absence of water in the body, which will lead to dehydration. One principal function of water in the body is to drain the toxin and not drinking it will increase the toxin level, making it possible for many diseases to manifest. If an osteoarthritis patient drink 10-12 glasses of water every day, it will certainly help cure osteoarthritis.

2. Many people around the world practice fasting. The medical fact beneath this is quite amazing. By fasting for a day and eating at night, it causes a body to perform a flush cycle. When no food is taken in, water in the body tends to flush the toxins out and eating at night provides fresh nutrients. These can be digested by the body’s system easily.

3. Eating as much raw and fresh food as possible is another key. Fast food and other types of processed foods contain the least amount of nutrients. Even a plain glass of water is more helpful in keeping healthy than these types of food. Try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible and instead, drink juices with artificial fragrance as well as eating fresh fruits. These practices of yours will help fight infections and block the bacteria attack, so it is a good way to treat osteoarthritis.

4. Eat foods that contain more fiber that are soluble in water. This will help the process of digestion and prevent inflammation.

5. No one can live without breathing, even for 5 minutes. It goes to say that breathing must be the most important thing for the body. The air in rural and bay areas tends to be fresher. The right posture or position of the body is also vital to get the most oxygen intake.

6. Start exercising and do it as soon as possible. Keeping all the limbs active is the easiest and the most common solution to treat osteoarthritis.

If someone is truly willing to cure osteoarthritis, then he should consider doing so, the natural way. It will be of more help and does not have any side effects.

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