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Natural Remedy For Arthritis

Arthritis is a Greek word, describing different situations of pain in parts of the human body. It is not a single disease, but is a mixture of many different conditions of soreness and ache in the joints. The most common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, gout and Polymyalgia.

Symptoms Of Arthritis

According to a research, one person out of every ten is suffering from arthritis. One should ensure that proper care is being taken and take immediate action if you can find any symptoms of arthritis. Following is a brief list about symptoms of arthritis

  • Pain in neck and spine
  • Ache in different parts of the body when the weather changes.
  • Joints getting sore when you woke up in the morning.

There hasn’t been so much testing and research done in order to identify the cure for arthritis. However, some scientists believe that there are natural remedies for arthritis. Let’s scroll down to get some information on them

Having oil Massages – Oil massage can be a very useful tool in order to get rid of arthritis. As it can be done at home, it is very cost effective too. One should ensure that he gets a proper lubricant for curing arthritis problems. A mixture containing garlic and grape and cater seeds is ideal for massaging. Once you are finished with Natural Remedy For Arthritisthe preparation of the mixture, apply the mixture gently the sore areas and rub them. If you can find someone who is very good at massages, you can also ask him to do it for you.

Alfalfa supplements – Alfalfa supplements are also the best solution for arthritis as they are full of rich minerals that helps in better structuring of the bones. But it is very much advisable that these supplements should be taken only once a day.

Raw ginger- The use of raw ginger has also been very successful in curing arthritis problems. One can use ginger in many different ways. You can place a rub the ginger on the infected areas. Also, you can place the piece of ginger and cover it with a cloth. Having ginger extract in tea can also produce a good solution.

One of the most common remedy for arthritis problems is the use of black strap molasses in a glass of cranberry juice. It is recommended that a daily glass of this mixture has been minimizing the arthritis problems, and surely bring good results.

Usage of apple cider and honey- Apart from that, the solutions to arthritis problems includes the use of apple cider with adding two teaspoons of honey in it. This mixture should be dissolved in warm water and it is preferred to take it twice a day. It tastes very good as it is very sweetening and takes less time to prepare.

The extracts of vitamin B and E have turned out to be a great pain reliever and helps in reducing the pain caused by arthritis.

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