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Prevent Joint Deformation by Knowing Arthritis Causes

It is a wonder sometimes seeing someone younger people suffering the excruciating pain of arthritis, while at the same time, there are older persons living happily without any complication. If it is not the age that makes the difference, then there must be something else. It has been said that arthritis are of different types, so the history of the attack also varies in different cases. A single event cannot cause any of the types of arthritis and as Osteoarthritis is the most common form, knowing its arthritis causes is vital. It would surely be best if patients stayed away from these causes and may just prevent the development of the disease. Different causes bring different effects and that is why it is important to have knowledge of them.

Though the particular causes of arthritis are not known by doctors, they do have the idea on how the disease may evolve. They have mentioned some activities and habits, as the reasons behind arthritis development. Some of them are described here.

Physical Injury : In some cases, injured bones and fractures can lead to arthritis, but it does not have to be the true for all cases. There are many people who have had broken bones, but they are still doing great up till this very day. The damage done to the, joints if left untreated for a long time, may become arthritic.

Arthritis CausesAge : As people get older, their bones become weaker and the cartilage at the joint decay. When working, the end of the bones of the joint faces friction against each other and get damaged which results in pain and swelling. As time goes on, the decay builds up gets bigger and bigger. This case is also one of the causes of arthritis and is often referred to as the ‘wear and tear disease.’

Sport : Though sports are healthy for people, especially those patients with arthritis, they are also considered to be one of the arthritis causes. There are many types of sports to participate in and each one of them needs different skills, as well as manipulation of the bones. Some sports like professional soccer, running, weight lifting, wrestling, etc., puts more stress on the bones and joints. A person is more likely to get arthritis by playing intense sports for a long period of time. But do not forget that other less- stressful sports help prevent and cure arthritis.

Weight : An overweight body puts too much pressure on the joints and limbs more than what it can take. Due to this, sometimes when the limit reach and actually exceeds the joint may be displaced. This is not a case of normal bone displacement since the displaced ends of the joints can wear and then eventually become arthritic. This will happen if they are not treated at an early period.

Occupation : Repetitive tasks are one of the major causes of arthritis and this includes physical tasks only. Doing the same thing over and over again, for a long time, can wear out the cartilage and cause arthritis. Many different occupations require heavy- physical work and many of these people suffer from arthritis at a later time. This may even include excess typing for a long period of time, when done in an uncomfortable position of the finger and arms.

Knowing these arthritis causes can be helpful in every way. Although not all the activities mentioned will cause arthritis, knowing them and taking the proper steps will help people to avoid the curse of this disease.

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