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Skin Problem That You Will Have Along With Arthritis

This article deals about the skin problem that the rheumatic arthritis patient generally may face, the reason for it and the methods to cure these problems.

Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and affects the joints and causes swelling and lesions on the skin. If you see any different texture on the skin, then you must take immediate precautions and here are some points to keep in mind.

How does this problem occur? Generally the skin problems that occur to the arthritis problem are mainly because of the improper functioning of the immune system. Rheumatic disease is generally an autoimmune origin disease. Then immune system is nothing but the mechanism of the body that’s main function is to protect the human bodies from the infection and germs. Sometimes autoimmunity may occur where your own immune system cell starts to attack one`s self cell. As a consequence of this antibody are released into the blood stream of the body.

This will have an adverse impact on the other body cells. Arthritis is nothing but the inflammation that occur in the joints of a person. The common symptoms of the arthritis that we may experience due to it are swellings, tenderness, redness and the pain in the joint. This will sometimes occur in the skin of the person also which will appear in the forms of lesion in the individual.

Diagnosis of the rheumatic disease

arthritis skin problemsYou will be able to diagnose the autoimmune disease like the rheumatic arthritis with the help of some test like C&P, ANA, LP, etc. This is the first thing that the doctors do at the initial stage of the treatment. This will help you to diagnose your problem so that you will be able to take the necessary treatment. A rheumatic factor that is present in the blood will be generally taken into account in these tests. This will give a good indication about the seriousness of the disease you have.

Treatment for skin disease

Generally different types of technique are employed to treat the skin lesion that the rheumatic arthritis people have as there will be more than hundred lesions that may be present in the individual. Generally cortisones will be very effective to cure this lesion these include some oral medication like the anti malarial and creams etc. The type of treatment that is given to cure the lesion will be different for different type of cases and also the doctor will also take some time about the sex of the patients as some medicine will have an awful effect in women.

People who are more prone to these diseases

Generally, women are rated as a high risk to get these diseases than man. This disease may also be commonly referred by the doctors as the autoimmune connective tissue disease. Some might even call this as collagen vascular disease. There have not been any proper explanations found by the experts to know why women are more prone to the rheumatic disease, but there are some who say that the estrogen hormone present in the women has the ability to disturb the condition of the immune system of the lupus. So there are many concerns raised by the people about the birth control pill or so called the Premarin as these comprise of a form of estrogen in them. But reports suggest that risk due to it is of very low percentage.

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