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The Link Between Arthritis And Depression

This article deals about the problem that is related to the arthritis and depression, the symptoms that are associated with them, consequence and the effect of the depression and methods to diagnose and finally to overcome the depression.

What is Depression?

Depression can be defined as a mental anarchy for instance, these patients will not be able to concentrate on their work, will suffer from insomnia, will leads to reduced appetite; they will be indifferent to feelings such as pain or pleasure. Sometimes they will even try to commit suicide. Almost most of the symptoms that are experienced by the mentally depressed people, for instance, fatigue, pain are common symptoms of the arthritis. It is important that the people should be able to recognize the symptoms of the disease so that they can consult a doctor when needed.

Some of the risk factors of the arthritis are that it will result in stress in the individual, pain, some limitation in the functioning of the organs, depression, etc. the person will be more prone to depression if he has rheumatic arthritis.

Symptoms of depression when you suffer from arthritis

arthritis and depressionIt is important that people who are suffering from arthritis have to consult with a doctor when the symptoms that are listed below is prolonged in you for continuously for above two weeks :

  1. Miserable mood
  2. You will not have any pleasure or enjoyment
  3. You will not be energized
  4. You will experience fatigue
  5. You will not be able to do or concentrate on your work
  6. You will feel the pain and tiredness in your body
  7. You will feel pessimistic and will lack the confidence that you already possessed
  8. You will feel very guilt about yourself
  9. You will think to commit suicide sometimes
  10. You will not be able to enjoy the normal sleep that you like to have.
  11. You will not be interested in sex
  12. You may feel some peculiar changes in yourself

Diagnosing depression

In order to diagnose the depression, it is important that you have to undergo some series of tests and analysis. There are experts who can help you in this and to overcome your effect of the depression. You will generally be advised to consult with a health care professional who can be of great help to you to overcome your problem during these times.

The risk factors can be classified into two based on the physiological and the biological change that you undergo in your body. Biological factors may occur due to some genetic problem or chemical imbalance etc. while physiological factor will occur due to stress that you may have due to work or personal things, pain etc.

Coping With Depression

It is important that you have to overcome your depression or otherwise this will have a serious and even fatal consequences for you. The first thing that you have to do to overcome your depression is to change your mindset. Exercise is the important thing that you need to do regularly as you will be able to regain your control. Spend some time on the things that will interest you a lot as this will give the relaxation that your mind needs. Sometimes some devices will help you to overcome your stress problem

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