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The Treatment for Osteoarthritis

The pain of arthritis is excruciating.Statistics show that one in every ten people is affected by this disease in the whole world.

How to start?

It is recommended that when someone first suspects the existence or evidence of arthritis, he should consult a medical practitioner; one who is qualified and has good experience in this field. Blood test and an x-ray will then be performed on the patient. To know the advancement and type of the disease, other tests may be required.

To guide the patient and to give the correct diagnosis, a specialist must handle it. He will test the existing reports and check the patient, to detect the type of arthritis present. Then comparing the two test results, he may detect the exact form of arthritis and if not possible, further tests are done. When the diagnosis is complete, treatments for each symptom will be prescribed. Pain is the obvious effect of arthritis and aspirin is always suggested; paracetamol is used in some cases too. Aspirin is usually chosen for its anti inflammatory properties and though there are many other painkillers available, the patient must not take anything without a prescription of his physician.

Medicine as a cure

To reduce pain and the damage of the joints, anti inflammatory medicines are very important and it is another answer to the query- how to treat arthritis. There are some readily prescribed drugs for the basic and common types of arthritis. Non-steroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory properties called NSAids, are commonly suggested for this.

OsteoarthritisThe only downside of this type of medication, is that it takes long time improve and better the situation. Potential stomach problems have been reported as a side effect of this drug. The tolerance of synthetic hormones or steroids is very poor in the body and they are often used at the initial stage of the disease.

Osteoarthritis Exercise helps

Depending on the current condition of the disease, many forms of exercise should be practiced. Keeping the limbs and joint active is vital for the treatment of arthritis; and proper resting is also necessary. The arthritis patients are often allowed to do light exercises since heavy and stressful kinds can damage the joints further. If movement is stopped for while, the joints become stiff and will immobilize the patient gradually. Swimming is considered to be the best exercise that may help arthritis in its initial state.

When a person is in the water, his weight distributes and the same pressure is exerted on all the parts of his body, rather than concentrating on the joints and limbs. Water exercises are now offered in the hospitals and experts accompany the patients to guide them through the perfect course.

It is also crucial for the patient to have a proper diet; one that is rich in nutrients. The patient should not take in any type of food that contains artificial ingredients, since it will complicate digestion and have detrimental effects. Eating fresh foods and fruits that contain anti oxidants is strongly suggested and this will help prevent all sorts of infections. Each and every type of food the patient takes in, must comply with the prescribed medication or else it may do harm.

These are all the reasons why, foremost, a person must obtain the right diagnosis, to know how to treat arthritis.

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