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What Can Be The Natural Cure For Arthritis?

In medical terminology, arthritis is described to different situations of pain and ache in the human body, which is due to the reason of disordering in joints. There are around more than hundred types of arthritis, most commonly known are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is one of the most common diseases in the continent of North America.

The symptoms of arthritis include pain in different parts of the body and improper functioning of joints. It does not mean that symptoms of arthritis should only relate to joints. Symptoms can be fever, swelling or excessive weight loss, and fatigue too. Therefore, immediate action should be taken if these symptoms are found.

Natural Cure for Arthritis

If you can avoid more eating and drinking something, it can be one of the natural cures for arthritis rather than making use of expensive supplements. There can be many drugs and supplements that can be sure a solution to your arthritis problems and can bring you relieve, but we will be discussing a few of the items that are the causes of arthritis.

Sodium fluoride is one of the causes behind arthritis. It is one of those ingredients that can be easily found in toothpaste. There is a lot of difference in sodium fluoride and fluorine. Fluorine is found in food and naturally in plants. When we face a natural cure for arthritissituation like tooth decay, we normally feel that there is a lack of flourine and it is causing tooth decay. Therefore, we try to add more quantity in toothpaste and water. Sodium fluoride, which is produced by chemical means have certain side effects such as damaging the immune system and causes improper functioning of the gland.

In public water, sodium fluoride usually makes a one part per million. It is considered dangerous by homeopathic study.

If we sum up, we can conclude that having a less quantity of sodium fluoride in toothpaste and water can help in avoiding arthritis symptoms. Surely, how much you reduce the quantity is a matter of fact.

Arthritis is also a reason of having animal products in your diet. This is because the minerals and calcium, which are found in the joints, cause arthritis. Why calcium is in the joints is because of our body releasing it to help and neutralize our blood pH. Even protein can make our blood acidic, if eaten. As our body operates in a neutral pH, it draws calcium from our bones. The pain is due to the deposits of calcium, which can be found in the joints. So if you can avoid the animal products from your diet, you can surely bring in more relief to your joints, and thus avoiding arthritis.

Therefore, we can conclude that if we can get rid of sodium fluoride and animal products from our daily life, we can help in reducing our arthritis problem and its pain. Again, how much we reduce these quantities will really matter.

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