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What is Pregnancy Arthritis?

Information You Need to Know about Pregnancy Arthritis

You may have already known that rheumatoid arthritis is a both systematic and chronic. It occurs when a joint is affected, thus affecting a person’s autoimmune system. It can happen to women at any age and when a person gets it while pregnant; she must have an immune system change. This may also turn into an autoimmune disease. This treatment soothes pregnant women and proof has been noted in various studied. Although a pregnant woman can be treated, there are also instances wherein 70 to 80 percent of patients have a remission, during their next pregnancy. Pregnancy arthritis may also become a serious condition and when it does get worse during the pregnancy period; women will have to go through a series of treatments.

Fewer improvements: when a woman ends up having pregnancy arthritis, its improvements will generally be momentary and she may even feel worse after the pregnancy period. Up till now, the reasons for a woman not getting any better during her pregnancy are still being studied and explored. There are theories that consider hormonal changes during pregnancy as the main factor in the worsening- aspect. A pregnant woman’s immunity will be affected and the cells and neutrophils of the body act; they function to treat this condition within the pregnant state.

Pregnancy ArthritisLow statistic rates

Statistics of pregnant women having rheumatoid arthritis are not all that high; in fact, it happens to just 1 to 2 percent of them. This may seem like a low percentage, but it is not impossible. Women might get rheumatoid arthritis, while being pregnant since it is a condition that is not considered unusual to occur. Pregnancy arthritis should be taken into consideration by any woman who is pregnant.

This ailment has also been shown to affect more women who are about to give birth. Studies have regarded the effects of pregnancy, arthritis and results have shown that a great deal of American women suffering from this condition while pregnant may be unaffected during the nine months. Assessments made have also shown that the likelihood of maternal morbidity of women, who suffer rheumatoid arthritis, while pregnant, is just the same as to women who have the ailment while not being pregnant.

Studies show evidence

Many studies have been conducted, trying to find out what pregnancy arthritis does to the child in the womb, but there have not been great confirmations regarding this matter. It has not been proven that pregnancy and rheumatoid arthritis have a negative impact on the unborn child. There have been instances noted when premature birth and growth problems have been connected to rheumatoid arthritis; but none state or report of fetal outcomes with this condition.

If a woman gets rheumatoid arthritis during her pregnancy, it does not mean that her entire health is affected for the rest of her life. There are no confirmed reports about this and none have shown long term effects, on women, who have pregnancy arthritis. Studies done in the past conclude that the results of this condition- in cases of pregnant women- have not altered greatly.

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