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What Is The Most Effective Osteoarthritis Treatment?

Treatment of osteoarthritis should be started as soon there has been a diagnosis of the disease. Since there is as of yet, no cure for osteoarthritis, early treatment can often slow down the progression of the disease and the damage that is done to the bones and joints.

The main goal of joint osteoarthritis treatment is to relieve pain and reduce the stiffness and swelling. Patients want to have as much joint movement as they can so that they can live a normal life. They also want to be free from the pain that is felt in the joint area.

More and more effective osteoarthritis treatment methods are being found all the time. However, it is important that both patients and doctors are aware of any treatments that claim to cure osteoarthritis. There is not yet a known cure, but there are several successful ways that osteoarthritis can be treated.

Perhaps the two most recommended methods of treatment for osteoarthritis are exercise and weight loss. Medication is often only recommended after a patient has lost weight and is exercising. If they are still experiencing a lot of pain and immobility, their doctor will most likely start them on a course of medication treatment.

When it comes to exercise for treating osteoarthritis the question, is there about how much exercise is enough and how much can be harmful. Exercise can be a great way to control pain and to ease the stiffness the joints. Exercise can also be very effective in slowing down the progression of osteoarthritis. Gentle but consistent exercise can help to strengthen those muscles that are there to support the joints. This can help in protecting the joint from any further damage.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

Exercise also helps to improve the mobility and flexibility of the joints. For an osteoarthritis patient the more flexible the joint is, the easier they will be able to move. Another benefit of exercise for the osteoarthritis patient is that they will gain more energy and feel better both emotionally and mentally. This is key in the treatment of any medical disease.

Surgery is one of the last recommended osteoarthritis treatments and usually those patients with the most debilitating types of arthritis will qualify. This would include those patients who are having difficulty with their daily activities such as walking up stairs, dressing, and bathing.

For most osteoarthritis patients, their doctor will put them on a combination of treatments. Osteoarthritis treatment guidelines are not set in stone and will vary from one patient to another, depending on how severe their arthritis is and how much pain they are experiencing. This is why it is important that osteoarthritis patients work closely with their doctor so that they can find the most effective treatment plan that works for them.

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