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What Is Hearing Loss And What Causes Hearing Loss

Millions of people all over the world suffer from hearing loss. Some were born with it and some people experience it through some type of accident. The terms that are most commonly used in talking about hearing loss is deaf and hearing impaired. There are different levels of hearing loss. Some will leave you with no sound at all and some types will leave you with deafness in maybe one ear.

Hearing loss does not only affect humans, but really any creature that has a pair of ears. In animals such as bats and dogs, they hear such a high pitch sound that they will use their senses, such as sight or smell if the ability to hear is gone. Pets that lose their hearing are better off than those animals in the wild that lose their hearing, it would most likely be harder to survive if you cannot hear an attack coming.

The technology today, hearing impairment is not a big tragedy as it used to be in the yester years. There are high-powered hearing aids; speech therapy alone has improved in the last 25 years. People who are deaf are able to speak almost perfectly. There are even better surgeries that can actually reverse hearing loss in certain people. Depending on the damage to the eardrums.

Hearing loss does not have to be a tragedy, many people live with hearing loss and their lead full, active lives, they have jobs and families. There are some famous people who have experienced hearing loss, such as Helen Keller; she is the most famous deaf person in history. Marlee Matlin the actress, she is a working actress as well as an award winning actress. Hearing loss doesn’t mean the end of the world. Keep your options open.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Some peoplhearing-losse are born with hearing loss and then there are people who have suffered hearing loss in later years. There are many reasons why a hearing loss will occur. Hearing loss can happen at any age. But there is hope, there are many options for hearing impaired people. There are studies being done on sudden hearing loss and hearing loss that slowly happens over time.

There are many ways to experience hearing loss. One occurrence that can happen is from what’s called Acoustic trauma, this happens when a loud sound such as an extremely loud explosion, a gunshot or more commonly a firecracker that is held too close to the ear or goes off prematurely. The structure of the ear gets damaged and sometimes it is a temporary hearing loss and a lot of times it can be permanent.

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Another type of hearing loss is called Noise induced loss, this happens when you are exposed to loud sounds for a long period of time. An example of this would be, if you are working at a construction site and you are constantly surrounded by loud engineering noises and equipment, over the course of time, you might end up with gradual hearing loss. It doesn’t have to happen all at once for you to lose your hearing.

There are also temporary bouts of hearing loss, this usually happens through sickness such as pneumonia, or like when you attend a concert and you sit too close to the band and you lose your hearing for a while until your ear heals. That is the temporary hearing loss and should not experience any long term effects. If you experience any type of hearing loss, report it to your doctor, make sure there is no other damage.

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