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Presbycusis What Is It – Causes And Symptoms

Presbycusis is a age-related hearing loss disease. It is a natural process that as humans age their body’s age and cells divide. Unfortunately, this means that the human body deteriorates over time and problems can arise with age. Age related hearing loss termed presbycusis is the loss of hearing that occurs over a long period of time as people age. This can be very problematic, because if the hearing is not protected throughout life and maintained with aging, it can be very difficult to communicate, which can be problematic for health-care and relationships.

Causes of Presbycusis

Located within the ear is small hairs that translate sound waves from the air into nerve signals that are transmitted to the brain, which interprets the sound. These hairs are sensitive and over time they can become damaged or simply become ineffective. It is important to maintain the health of these hairs since they do not regrow. While presbycusis can be treated, it cannot be completely cured or eliminated, which is why it’s important to protect the ears from loud sounds and maintain a healthy body.

As with most hearing disorders, it’s hard to trace the exact causes of hearing loss in most cases, since usually there are so many potential factors over a lifetime that can cause presbycusis. Again, Presbycusis is natural and sometimes cannot be guaranteed not to occur, but it’s wise to examine the potential causes of this problem and try to address them to protect a person’s hearing.


Some of the most common factors of presbycusis include :

  • Hereditary transmission – hearing problems running in family history
  • Dietary habits – Important for Diabetics and when eating copious amounts of saturated fat
  • Being around loud noises often
  • Smoking

It has been shown that more than half of people over the age of seventy-five have some presbycusis.

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Symptoms of Age-Related Hearing Loss

The easiest symptom to point to the sign of presbycusis being present is the inability to hear high-pitched sounds, usually through speech. This problem will continue to get worse with time and difficulty hearing low-frequency sounds will become more difficult as age related hearing loss progresses.

Presbycusis can cause problems where some sounds are perceived to be too loud or high-pitched sounds like “s” or “th” in words is harder to tell apart from each other. Sometimes men’s voices will be easier to hear than women’s due to the fact that their voices are at lower frequencies. Ringing in the ears or tinnitus might also be a symptom revealing prsebycusis.

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