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Herbal Liver Detox – 7 Herbs That Can Help Detoxify The Liver

Herbal liver detox is one of the safest ways to cleanse your liver. Since it contains all-natural ingredients from herbs, it is said to be free from harmful side effects. This being so, it is tagged as part of natural liver detox. The good thing about these herbs is they are readily available in the market and specialty stores.

Herbal liver detox may come in a form of homeopathic remedies or you can use them solely the way your ancestors did it. There are seven essential herbs to choose from. All of them play a vital role in supporting the health of the liver.

This are the 7 herbs that Learn can help Detoxify the Liver

Turmeric – This is one of the best herbs for liver detox. Turmeric is an antioxidant that stimulates the production of bile. It also helps in the treatment of gallstones. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which hinder toxins from causing harm on the liver. The curcumin compound found in turmeric protects the liver tissue and treats herbal liver detoxliver ailments.

Milk Thistle – This is another commonly used herb for liver detox. Milk Thistle does not only detoxify the liver, but it regenerates and protects the organ as well. It can be used for treatment of bile duct inflammation, enlarged liver and fatty liver. The herb also protects the liver from being impaired by harmful toxins. In addition to that, it also restores the proper functioning of the liver.

Yellow Dock – This herb is known to dissolve fat deposit in the liver. Yellow dock is also used to relieve skin conditions resulting from poor liver function. This herb also stimulates the production of bile. However, yellow dock is not recommended for people with chronic liver disease and kidney disease.

Dandelion Root – This herb is known as an effective tool for liver detoxification because it flushes out toxins and other harmful substances from the body. Dandelion root enhances bile production and cleanses the blood stream. Furthermore, the herb is used for treatment of liver conditions such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Licorice Root – This herb neutralizes the effects of strong chemical toxins in the liver. Licorice Root stimulates the reactions during liver detoxification. Its extract contains glycyrrhetinic acid, which provides protection from liver damage.

Lycopodium – This herb plays an important role in liver detox. Lycopodium focuses on regulating the liver’s function in waste removal. It filters out bacteria and other foreign bodies that may cause harm in the organ. The herb also supports the liver in healing itself from damage caused by infection. Lycopoduim is the recommended herb for those sensitive digestive systems.

Fringe Tree Bark – People may not be too familiar about it, but Fringe Tree Bark is actually effective in liver detox. It boosts bile levels within the body and at the same time dilutes them in order to make them exit the body easily together with toxins and wastes. Fringe Tree Bark clears up the bile ducts and flushes out waste build up in the liver. Moreover, it is used to treat liver poisoning and to prevent liver enlargement.

There are plenty of herbs that can be used for herbal liver detox. They are all helpful in cleansing and maintaining the proper functioning of the liver. As mentioned, an herb can be used on its own or they can be used together to have better effect of the liver.

You may also get an herbal liver detox in the form of a homeopathic spray. Liver Active is a good example. This product is a combination of herbs like dandelion and milk thistle. This is a good support to the healthy functioning of the liver and other underlying organs. All you need to do is to spray it under your tongue twice to three times each day. Make sure that you are qualified to use the product before even buying one.

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