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Liver Detoxification – Are Supplements the Right Solutions?

Our body needs to have liver detoxification regularly, especially if our lifestyle puts the liver at risk. Another reason why we have to take care of our liver is that it is the second most significant organ in our body and is responsible for thousands of biochemical mechanisms. One way to take care of the said organ is to use liver support supplements.

But before going into the essence of using liver support supplements, we need to have a review of the functions of the liver. In that manner, we will tend to realize why we need to make use of liver support supplements later on. As you go along this article, you will also find out more about important ingredients that should be contained in your liver supplements.

Functions of the Liver

Like what was mentioned above, the liver has many roles to help keep our body fit. Read below to find out what some of the most important liver functions :

  1. Liver eliminates waste from the blood.
  2. It helps in storing fats, glycogen and vitamins.
  3. It performs a key task in metabolism of proteins.
  4. The liver has the ability to crash dangerous substances and contaminants.

Why Use Liver Support Supplements

Liver DetoxificationThere are various reasons that you should take note of before using liver supplements as medication. Health experts recommend using these supplements if you are suffering from or fall under the following:

  1. You are a regular alcohol drinker.
  2. You smoke tobacco products.
  3. There is a history of liver/gall bladder problems and fatty liver in your family.
  4. You are regularly exposed to pollution such as second-hand smoke.
  5. You are medicating on strong medicines or drugs.
  6. You are eating fatty foods.
  7. You are obese.

Important Ingredients for Liver Detoxification Supplements

Before using liver support supplements, you first need to make sure that they are really helpful. One way to find out whether the supplement really works or not is by being aware of its ingredients. In the succeeding bullets, you will be able to read the most effective ingredients of liver detoxification supplements.

Dandelion : The root of a dandelion is very helpful in improving bile flow. Once the bile flow is enhanced, health conditions such as gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice and liver congestion get better. The main function of dandelion root is to increase bile production, which affects the gallbladder by bringing about the narrowing and discharging stocked bile.


Milk Thistle : During the Greco-Roman Era, milk thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, was utilized as an herbal medication to cure ailments including liver problems. Based on studies and research, milk thistle’s active bodies, especially silymarin, have the ability to guard the liver from harm brought about by alcohol intake, several drugs like acetaminophen, toxins, and viruses. Milk thistle is recommended by many herbalists to people, especially to those suffering from liver damage and viral hepatitis.

Liver detoxification is easy to do specially because of the help of many supplements. The number of liver support supplements these days is just too much that you may just pick any from the many choices. With the right ingredients, you will be able to make the most out of the supplement. However, do not rely too much on these medications either. You need to balance the intake with a healthier lifestyle if you really want your liver to function well.

But apart from using liver supplements in liver detoxification, there might be some of you out there who would rather use a homeopathic spray instead. This is especially so if you are having problems with swallowing a capsule. One product to consider is Liver Active. This homeopathic spray, just the same, contains extracts of dandelion and milk thistle. As mentioned a while back, these two ingredients are essential components of liver support supplements. Since Liver Active has them, it means that the product is also ready to support the healthy functioning of the liver.

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