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Wich are the Symptoms of Heart Disease?

There is more than one type of heart disease and there can be many different symptoms, which go along with it. It’s important to learn the symptoms and signs to look for and to get yourself checked out if you feel you are experiencing any of them.

Symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease

  1. The most common symptoms include angina or chest pain. Angina can be described as a discomfort, heaviness, pressure, aching, burning, fullness, sneezing or a painful feeling in your chest. It can also be mistaken for indigestion or heartburn. Some angina pains may be felt in your shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw or back.
  2. Shortness of breath.
  3. Palpitations (irregular heartbeats, skipped heartbeats or a “flip-flop” feeling in your chest).
  4. A faster heartbeat.
  5. Weakness of dizziness.
  6. Nausea.
  7. Sweating.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  1. Discomfort, pressure, heaviness, or pain in the chest, arm or below the breastbone.
  2. Discomfort, which radiates to the back, jaw, throat or arm.
  3. Fullness, indigestion or a choking feeling, which may feel like heartburn.
  4. Sweating, nausea, vomiting or dizziness.
  5. Extreme weakness, anxiety or shortness of breath.
  6. Rapid or irregular heartbeats.

If you are experiencing the above symptoms for 30 minutes or longer, you may be experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. Initial symptoms may start mild and then progress into significant pain. There are also people who have what is referred to as a “silent MI”, which is a heart attack without any symptoms whatsoever. If you think you’re having a heart, don’t delay! Call your local ambulance immediately. Do not attempt to drive yourself to the doctor! Dial an ambulance and take an aspirin. Immediate treatment can result in less heart damage.


Symptoms of Arrhythmias

  1. Palpitations (feeling like your heart is skipping beats, fluttering or doing “flip-flops”).
  2. Pounding in your chest.
  3. Dizziness or feelings of light headedness.
  4. Fainting.
  5. Shortness of breath.
  6. Chest discomfort.
  7. Weakness or extreme fatigue (feeling very tired).

Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

  1. Heart palpitations (a sudden feeling of pounding, fluttering or feelings of a racing heart).
  2. Lack of energy or feeling very tired.
  3. Dizziness (feeling faint or lightheaded).
  4. Chest discomfort (pain, pressure or chest discomfort).
  5. Shortness of breath (difficulty breathing during regular daily activities).

Symptoms of Heart Valve Disease

  1. Shortness of breath and/or difficulty in breathing or catching your breath. This is typically noticed during general activities or when you lie flat on a bed.
  2. Weakness or dizziness.
  3. Chest discomfort. Feeling a pressure or a weight in your chest.
  4. Palpitations (may feel like a rapid heart rhythm).
  5. Swelling of your ankles or feet, if heart valve disease causes heart failure.
  6. Quick weight gain, if your heart valve disease causes heart failure.

Symptoms of Heart Failure

  1. Shortness of breath, noted during regular physical activity.
  2. A cough, which is productive enough of white mucous.
  3. Quick weight gain.
  4. Swelling of the ankles, legs or abdomen.
  5. Dizziness.
  6. Fatigue and weakness.
  7. Rapid or irregular heartbeat.
  8. Nausea, palpitations and chest pain.

Symptoms of Congenital Heart Defects – In Adults

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Limited ability to exercise.
  • Symptoms of heart failure or valve disease.

Symptoms of Congenital Heart Defects – Childrens

  1. Cyanosis (bluish tint to the skin, fingernails and lips)
  2. Fast breathing and poor feeding.
  3. Poor weight gain.
  4. Recurrent lung infections.
  5. Inability to exercise.

Symptoms of Heart Muscle Disease

  1. Chest pain or pressure.
  2. Heart failure symptoms.
  3. Swelling of the lower extremities.
  4. Fatigue.
  5. Fainting.
  6. Palpitations.

Symptoms of Pericarditis

  • Chest pain.
  • Low-grade fever.
  • Increased heart rate.

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