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11 Prostate Health Supplements and Medications

The prostate health supplements available in the market differ from one another. A lot of reviews done showed that some of these supplements include substandard components. Some include fewer amounts of the effective components than what they put on the label. Sometimes, these reviews no longer matter. It would be good if you ask your doctors about it.

Prostate health is said to get more strength through the use of supplements and medications. But before you ever purchase one over-the-counter, you should be able to gauge what suits your condition. After all, you will never want to have side effects that go with it. Therefore, you must read on first and find out what is in store for your prostate health.

Recommended Prostate Health Supplements

Three of the most usual dysfunctions of the prostate or prostatitis, prostate enlargement, and prostate cancer. You can acquire a lot of natural supplements that will be helpful in supporting exceptional prostate health. Manufacturers have continued producing these cures to the prostate problem.

If you are going to purchase prostate health supplements make sure that you will buy one which contains excellent ingredients. The price must also be reasonable – meaning it should not be that cheap as long as it can sustain its promises. The following are the best prostate health supplements that you can purchase to maintain the well being of your prostate.

  1. Saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, stinging nettle and beta-sitosterol : These herbal remedies are considered very efficient in the remedy of prostate enlargement and all the problems related to prostate.
  2. Ayurvedic Prosta Care : This is another prostate health supplement prescription that has been scientifically examined and established to be very successful in managing mutually the inactive and active elements of BPH.
  3. Zylflamed : This is a kind of anti-inflammatory which contain turmeric. The latter is said to be very successful inProstate Health Supplements managing class III prostatitis. It also contains quercitin which has a potent antioxidant in fighting prostate related diseases.
  4. Aspirin and NO-ASA (nitrogen oxide containing aspirin). This is a kind of medication that had shown some guarantee in maintaining prostate health.
  5. Lycopene : Scientific examination of lycopene proved to be efficient in mutually avoiding and treating prostate cancer. The excellent source of lycopene is processed tomato produce like tomato paste, tomato sauce and catsup.
  6. Lyc-O-Mato : This is a supplement that contains lycopene and considered similarly efficient in maintaining prostate health as its source. The prescribed dosage is around 15 mg a day for deterrence and 30 mg daily for the treatment of prostate disorders.
  7. Fish oil : This is also another prostate supplement that has shown efficacy in avoidance of both BPH and prostate cancer. The prescribed intake is 500-1000 mg of EPA and DHA every day for an optimal advantage.
  8. Garlic : This is another supplement for prostate health. If you will consume sufficient amount of garlic at least two times a week, you will lessen your susceptibility to prostate cancer as much as 44%.
  9. Green Tea : Researchers from China have established that green tea is very efficient in avoidance of prostate cancer. Researchers from Italy however, assumed that the dynamic ingredient in green tea known as EGCG may act as an instinctive inhibitor for the progress of cancer in the prostate.
  10. Trivonin : This is otherwise known as red clover. There was a scientific research supporting the efficacy of trivonin in slowing down the development of minor to average type of prostate cancer growth. The recommended dosage is 40 mg to be taken four times a day.
  11. Resveratrol : This is a powerful antioxidant that is established in red wine. This is considered to be useful in preventing the development of prostate cancer cells.

The supplements and medicines listed above are only among the many kinds of the traditional and alternative treatment recommended for prostate health and for prostate problems. You may also make other researches on a list of supplements and medicines to help you with. Ask your doctor which one suits you best.

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