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Four Prostate Cancer Complications – After Surgery

When supplements for prostate health can no longer cure prostate cancer growth in a male reproductive system, the option is to undergo surgery. Some males are afraid to undergo this type of treatment because of the expense that goes with it. Furthermore, the fear is raised due to some complications attached to the operation.

You have to take note however that complications happen after prostate cancer surgery because of some factors. First, it might be that you did not seek the help of experts. Second, you may not have followed the rules after the operation. Plus, you may have ignored the need for follow-up after the process.

Introduction to Prostate Cancer Complications

Prostate cancer complications may depend upon two things. The first one is the process by which the procedure is conducted. Next is what you did after the operation. Unluckily, a lot of males experienced health complications after undergoing prostate cancer treatment and surgery. However the good news is that these complications can be treated either through conventional and alternative medicines. The following are some of the complications that will arise following surgery or treatment of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Complication #1 : Erectile Dysfunction

This is the most common and popular complication that arises after surgical procedure, radiation and hormonal treatments for prostate. The rate of men having this complication is very high. However, the erectile dysfunction complication will depend on the kind of treatment given to the patient.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated by a drug popularly known as Viagra. This kind of drug had shown better outcome in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Penile implants are also alternative methods you can choose to correct the condition.

Prostate Cancer Complication #2 : Incontinence

This is described as the incapability to manage the work of the bladder. It is also moderately usual after the customary prostate cancer medications. This condition is considered as one of the outcomes when prostate cancer is not treated at once.

On the other hand, this condition may be provisional or unending. It may be treated or not. Through setting up a particular time to urinate daily, you will be able to manage the problem in a comparatively easy way. Just the same, a lot of men perform particular workouts that will help intensify their bottom pelvic muscles so that there will be cancerbetter management of the work of the bladder.

A study conducted by Texas University, Houston Health Science Center showed that injection of collagen in the sphincter of patient suffering from incontinence proved to be successful in addressing the problem.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Urology assessed its long lasting outcomes and problems that may also arise during the treatment of collagen injections. Collagen injections are regarded as a good substitute for surgical procedure to incontinence. This treatment is also a better temporary remedy for patients who have undergone prostatectomy.

Prostate Cancer Complication #3 : Pain

The majority of male patients experience pain for several days after surgical procedure, however the pain commonly dissolves gradually. Some patients may experience considerable pain connected with their prostate cancer. Once the medication starts, the pain is extremely reduced and may even be eradicated completely.

The pain each patient experience differ according to their situation. But there are wide assortments of efficient remedies that can be obtained to treat all kinds of pains linked to prostate cancer surgery.

Prostate Cancer Complication #4 : Depression

This is considered as one of the most usual complications of prostate cancer and its medication. The majority of men who are suffering prostate cancer will succumb to depression. This happens if their families do not support them in their battle against the disease.

The depression usually attacks the patient right after the diagnosis of the illness. On the other hand, there are also a lot of medications available for this kind of condition. Drugs and psychological therapy could be a lot of help.

If you want to avoid the complications of prostate cancer, be aware about maintaining your prostate health. Start taking care of the gland as young as you are. Do not wait until you are 50 years old to have your prostate checked by your doctor.

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