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Six Facts to Face with Prostate Gland Enlargement

In your search to learn more about prostate health, you certainly have come across some of the complications and problems linked to the gland. Perhaps, the most popular one for you is prostate cancer. Additionally, prostate gland enlargement is another issue you should face.

We all know that the prostate gland is an accessory organ of the male reproductive system. It surrounds the urethra at the base of the bladder. The alkaline fluid that it constantly secretes is thought to nourish and lubricate the sperm cells. The chief disorder that affects the prostate is the condition known as benign enlargement. In fact, about half of Prostate Gland Enlargementthe male population over the age of 50 suffers from prostate enlargement. This is regardless of sexual circumstances.

Fact # 1: Causes of Prostate Enlargement

The specific cause of benign prostatic enlargement is unknown. It is thought to be the hormonal changes that accompany aging. The condition is not inflammatory, nor is it related to cancer of the prostate for which the cause is also unknown.

Fact #2: Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

Since swelling of the prostate interferes with bladder function, the earliest symptoms are increasing difficulty in beginning to urinate and a feeling that the bladder is never emptied. The need to urinate becomes more frequent. A burning sensation may accompany the passing of urine, due in part to the onset of infection.

Fact #3: Complications of Prostate Enlargement

One of the bad things about having some problems with prostate health is the fact that it can result to more complicated situations. Prostate enlargement has its own share in this arena. Look into the following paragraph.

A consequence of prostate enlargement can be a kidney disorder known as hydronephrosis. This results from the spread of the infection originating in the bladder because of urine retention. Complete obstruction of the bladder by the swelling of the gland may make urination impossible. At the worst, this requires hospitalization so that the victim can be catheterized.

Fact #4: Treatment for Prostate Enlargement

You have feared the symptoms and complications of prostate enlargement. Now, you should eliminate all those fearsenlarged-prostate-diagram-3-300x214 because treatment is available for the disorder. Here are some thoughts about this fact. The preferred treatment for an enlarged prostate is removal of the entire gland by an open surgery through the abdominal wall. This procedure is known as a complete prostatectomy. This is always preceded by a bilateral vasectomy, which results in sterility but not in impotence.

Fact # 5: Major Danger Issues Involved in Prostate Gland Enlargement

The danger issues linked to prostate enlargement depends upon three factors. Take a look at how each one is affected by the complication to prostate health.

Aging : This is one of the main risk factors involved in prostate gland enlargement. It is considered that males under 40 years old do not usually experience indications or any warning signs of prostate gland enlargement. However, almost one half of men who are in their 60’s will experience occasional symptoms and warning signs of prostate gland enlargement.

Genetics : If your family has this kind of prostate problem, you are most likely in danger of acquiring and increasing your chance of having prostate gland enlargement.

Nationality : National origin also plays an important role in prostate gland enlargement. If you belong to the white and black race, you are a good candidate for this problem. But if you belong to the Asian race, there is a lesser chance for you to acquire prostate gland enlargement.

Fact # 6: Preventive Measures for Prostate Gland Enlargement

Much more than seeking for treatments for prostate gland enlargement, what you should do is to seek for preventive measures. You are lucky that these options are available. Here are some of your responsibilities to maintain the health of your prostate.

By the time you experience urinary difficulty, you must immediately ask for medical guidance. Your physician can aid in establishing if you have prostate gland enlargement. Additionally, the check up will help determine if the signs you are experiencing are enough for you to undergo assessment and medication.

It is also necessary that if you have a difficult time during urination, ask the advice of your doctor as soon as possible. Submit yourself for proper evaluation of your condition so that the right treatment can be prescribed. Most of all, do not self-evaluate and self-treat your condition. Get rid of prostate gland enlargement and maintain prostate health. This should be the right mindset every man should possess. Keep on enjoying your daily tasks and activities with a healthy male reproductive system.

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