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Six Facts on Prostate-Specific Antigen : Will it Help Maintain Prostate Health?

There is no better way for you to ensure your prostate health than to have yourself examined by your doctors. In that way, you will be able to determine if certain problems exist around the area. Do not wait until such time that you feel so much pain before you have yourself tested. One test to know about is Prostate-Specific Antigen or PSA.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is one of the examinations recommended to learn about your prostate health. It is a kind of test that measures the amount of protein in your blood, which is very important to your reproductive system. The task of the PSA is to make your gelatinous pre-semen into liquid in order to invigorate your sperm.

Fact #1 : Prostate and Prostate-Specific Antigen

Your prostate is responsible for creating PSA in all instances. When your prostate produces a little quantity of protein, it is regarded as a normal occurrence. But when there is an excessive production of PSA, it will be an indication that something is wrong with your prostate.

Prostate-Specific Antigen

Fact #2 : Controversies on Prostate-Specific Antigen

PSA examination is not considered very accurate. This is due to the fact that males who are above 50 years old can have a minor PSA level. This is because most of them have enlarged or inflamed prostate. With this, the PSA test is being questioned. A solution however is to look for other examinations to help detect the real condition of the prostate gland.

Although the efficacy of postate-specific antigen is not 100% successful, you should still undergo this kind of prostate test. This is for your doctors to determine whether the prostate cancer is still in the early stage. When this is so, then you can be given a better treatment.

Fact #3 : Prostate-Specific Antigen and Prostate Cancer

Neither the PSA test nor the digital rectal examination decreases the mortality rate brought about by prostate cancer. It will only lead you to unimportant therapies such as surgery and radiation treatment. However, according to European research, when the PSA examination is performed on a regular basis, it will lessen the prostate cancer mortality rate by 20%. The conclusion to these scientific examinations will still take a lot of years before it can be delivered to the public.

Fact #4 : PSA And Who Should Take The Test

At the moment, the American Cancer Society does not recommend regular monitoring for cancer of the prostate in all males. They advise doctors to talk to patients regarding the possible advantages and inadequacy of PSA andProstate-Specific Antigen Test digital rectal examination. This is especially when the patient is entering the age of 50.

Fact #5 : Prostate-Specific Antigen And Other Tests

There are also different opinions regarding the customary screenings for prostate cancer. Some recommend the regular examination, but others do not. However, in 2008 the United States Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) made rules regarding the recommendation of prostate cancer screening because the dangers involved will most likely overshadow the advantages.

At the end of the day, your decision whether or not you will undergo PSA examination will prevail. Remember that you and your doctor are the only ones who can decide on whether PSA examination is accurate for you or not.

Fact #6 : What Should You expect With PSA Then?

The examination is basically not painful. Your physician will get a sample of your blood and bring it to the laboratory. The blood will be combined with radioactive PSA-tagging molecules which will be measured clearly. The result of the test will be presented after a few days.

If the result of your PSA level is under 4, you may be advised not to undergo the same examination within the year. However, if the result is above the normal range and if it increases drastically over the year, then there is enough reason for you to worry.

With all these facts, you may want to know more about PSA, especially that there are controversies attached to it. Converse with your doctor and do your homework. Research to know what to ask to your doctor about PSA and its essence to prostate health.

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