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Four Herbal Medicines + 2 Alternative Remedies for Prostate Health

Herbal remedies have been practiced in a lot of communities most especially in India, Japan and other Asian countries. When it comes to herbal prostate health, this type of treatment is being considered as well. Besides herbal medicines, there are also alternative remedies to consider for this condition.

European countries are some of the many countries who use herbal medicines to cure prostate problems. However, in other countries like the United States, these traditional medicines are still under investigation. Medical practitioners think that folk medicines such as those in herbal form may not actually cure the problem.

Types of Herbal Medicines for Prostate Health

Despite all the controversies and the required extensive studies to back up the efficacy of herbal medicines for herbal prostate health, a lot of practitioners still use these items for treatment. Here are four of the herbs used forHerbal Prostate Health this condition.

  1. Saw Palmetto : This is one of the most popular kinds of herb used in enhancing prostate health. It is cut off from the berries of a petite palm tree which can be found in the southern coastal area of the United States. As a conventional medicine, this herb has the capacity to lessen enlargement of the prostate through preventing the synthesis of the growth-invigorating DHT. Additionally, it helps support the removal of DHT through decreasing estrogen amounts.

There are scientific researches conducted showing the efficiency of saw palmetto in healing prostate enlargement rather than the commonly recommended medicine Proscar. In comparison, saw palmetto’s efficiency is recorded at almost 90% successful in men with prostate enlargement. Results are seen from 4 to 6 weeks after taking herbal supplements. Proscar showed lesser efficiency because the patients who took this drug have to use it for a long time to see desired results.

  1. Pygeum : This is another kind of herb which is essential to prostate health. It is considered as a native African medicine, which is acquired from the bark of a tree. Research conducted showed that Pygeum is capable of healing BPH and prostatitis. It also includes elements that have the ability to prevent DHT-related prostate enlargement.
  2. Cernilton : This is another kind of herbal medicine that is essential for herbal prostate health. It is accepted as a kind of European manufactured good that was developed from the extract of rye pollen. There are a lot of evidences from researches made that established the capacity of cernilton to heal BPH and prostatitis.
  3. Stinging Nettle : Traditionally, this herb is used as a folk remedy for a lot of diseases, as well as prostate problems. Scientific research showed that stinging nettle which is sold as Bazoton in Europe has also the capacity to alleviate BPH indications.

Alternative Remedies for Prostate Health

From herbal medicines, we now proceed to alternative remedies for prostate health. There are two things to choose from. One is homeopathy and the other is the so-called magnetic pad. Learn more about these two alternatives to curing prostate problems.

  1. Homeopathy : This is a well-liked contemporary therapeutic practice that presents a lot of cures for prostate problems. Even though it is usually mistaken as a kind of herbal and nutritional remedy because it carries the same labels, homeopathy is founded on essentially different standards. Homeopathy’s principle is to cure not only the existing symptoms, but also the indications of other ailments in individuals through a remarkable minimal dosage.
  2. Magnetic pads : There are proofs which showed that cancers can be cured through magnetic fields. In view of this, it has been insinuated that prostate tumor development can be prevented by means of sitting for a couple of hours every day on a magnetic pad. This is based on the principle that north-pole connected field retards biological growth while the south-pole area supports the development. Cancers must be cured only with magnet in the north-pole area.

Herbal remedies and alternative treatments are indeed good options for treating problems concerning prostate health. Make sure that you ask your doctors about it, especially if you are afraid of complications it may bring. There is no better way to cure the problem than to seek proper consultation.

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