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Signs of Prostate Cancer – Symptoms You Must Take Note Of

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

In most cases, prostate cancer will not cause any noticeable symptoms to begin with. Symptoms only begin to show once it has grown larger (as it comes into contact with the urethra). This then results in urination problems, such as sudden needs to urinate and feeling your bladder is not completely empty after going to the toilet. Prostate cancer symptoms can include:

  • Irregular urine flow
  • General problems urinating, including pain.
  • Blood in urine (in rare cases only)
  • Frequently need to urinate
  • Urine dribbling
  • Sexual functioning problems including painful ejaculation or a problems achieving an erection

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

While it is important to know these symptoms can be caused by many conditions, if you have any of them you should contact your doctor immediately for a check up and possible scan. These symptoms do not mean that you have prostate cancer, they can be caused by many other things, but it is best to contact a medical professional who may recommend a scan for the cancer.

Some men’s prostates can become bigger and cause symptoms such as the ones above naturally, so you should not panic if you are having the symptoms, but you should always be on the safe side and get a scan.

As cancer progresses other symptoms may become apparent such as pain and weight loss. Again, these can also be caused by many other conditions but should not be ignored.  In the case of prostate cancer these more advanced symptoms can include pain in the back or hip. If you have any of these symptoms you should contact your GP. There are also specialist nurses who can be contacted with regards to prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Warning Signs

Warning signs begin when the growth starts to put pressure on the urethra. When this happens, warning signs such as difficulty in passing urine, inconsistent urine flow and regularly needing to pass urine especially during the night may start to appear. It is important to point out that these symptoms may be caused by many other things and do not indicate a definite case of prostate cancer.

Another warning sign is problem with sexual functions. Difficulty in achieving an erection and painful ejaculation can both be associated with prostate cancer, although again can also be caused by many other things. In very rare cases bloody urine can also be a sign of prostate cancer, although this does not occur in most patients.

If someone is exhibiting the warning signs shown above, then they should contact their GP immediately who will be able to advise them. As has been said, these prostate cancer warning signs do not mean someone has cancer, but can in some cases indicate that they do. A scan may be required to check whether the person does have prostate cancer, and if they do a course of treatment will be recommended. Ultimately, it is always down to the patient as to what treatment they decide to have, although specialist will advise the best course of treatment.

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