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Two General Relaxation Techniques for Insomnia

One of the dreadful causes of insomnia is stress. What is a better way to ease that than get some relaxation? Do this to release your body from the tensions of work and stresses of household obligations. There are different ways for you to achieve the results you want.

Harmonizing your body and mind for a period of at least 10 minutes each day can alleviate stress and aid in mind clarity. Getting rid of the tension and stress that eats up your body will help you obtain a shape of equilibrium. This will then turn out to be very good if you want to get a rewarding sleep.

Relaxation Technique #1 – Simple Exercises

There are simple forms of exercises that will help you with your fight against insomnia. Here are some of the steps to these techniques that you may adapt in your daily living :

  • Stretch out on your back, look up to the ceiling in a straight line while you loosen up and support your shoulder. Make sure that your arms are in the right position, but not as stiff as you think. Your elbows should be in conjunction with your waist, and your palms should be on an upward position too.
  • When your back is already relaxed, try to calm down your head too, and start closing your eyes. Breathe deeply through your lower abdomen so that your stomach will escalate each time you breathe.
  • Exhale gradually and loosen up. Center your concentration on your breathing pattern so that you will be able to become aware of how calm or deep your breathing can turn out to be.
  • Repeat the breathing exercise for at least ten minutes so that you can gain complete rest and leisure on what you are doing. After which you can stretch out your body gradually for faster blood circulation. Do this before you stand up.

Relaxation Techniques for Insomnia

Relaxation Technique #2 – Daily Exercise

There are some types of workout throughout the day that are considered important for a better night sleep. Workouts do not only increase your energy. They also improve your psychological attitude and self-confidence. This is because endorphins are discharged during exercise. These exercises will also help in enhancing the function of your hormones to promote an encouraging disposition in life. Some of the daily exercises you may perform are :

  • Walking – Walking is the most common form of workout that you can practice daily if you want to have a better sleep each night. It does not only induce sleep, but it also aids in making your heart and other organs in good physical shape.
  • Leisure exercises – These include exercises like swimming, tennis, playing squash, weight lifting and dancing. These are known to provide excellent compensation for your overall health besides the fact that these activities are pleasurable.
  • Reflexology – Reflexology can also help in peaceful slumber because it can alleviate the tension and stress that build up during your day’s work. You can do it by massaging the grid found between your thumb and little finger on both of your hands.
  • Yoga – This can also help improve your sleeping pattern because this type of mind and body exercise can help relax your muscles and your entangled mind. It is an excellent method of relieving tension and stress as well.
    Massage. Sensual massage is also another kind of ritual that can help you attain better sleep. The simple strokes done by your partner can help calm down not only your mind and body, but your nerves as well thus increasing your capacity to sleep.

Whatever kind of exercise you make in make sure that you do it regularly not only to ensure good sleep but to make you healthy as well. You should not ignore the importance of these activities. There is a list of benefits that you will attain from undergoing these techniques. Make sure you prepare for these routines as well. This is your best way to fight insomnia.

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