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Sleep Apnea Side Effects

Aside from deprived sleep, there are other sleep apnea side effects. Sleep apnea can lead to severe health concerns and can also be a grave situation due to sleep oxygen deficiency. This kind of sleeping disorder will not only harm the person itself but also their bed partner due to the frequent waking of the person beside them.

Serious Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea should not be ignored for it can lead to serious health problems. Read through these and you will find out the various side effects of the sleeping disorder.

  1. Heart arrhythmia : This is one of the side effects of sleep apnea, which is characterized by an irregular heartbeat. This is considered as an extremely ordinary side effect of sleep apnea, which causes your heart to beat at long pauses or even causes the additional rhythm. Sleep apnea resulting to arrhythmia, which happens while you are sleeping can result to unexpected death which is why CPAP therapy is required to remedy the problem.
  2. Weight gain : The excessive weight increase is not only the cause of sleep apnea, but it is also regarded as one of its side effects due to its effect on sleep muddled breathing and its ability to disturb your sleeping quality.
  3. Depleted blood oxygen level : This is another distinctive side effect of sleep apnea, which can result to deterioration of your physical condition. Your blood oxygen concentration usually reduces at night, which is why every sleep apnea incident will have an effect on your cells due to the irregular release of blood oxygen amount. The low blood level oxygen commonly affects your brain, which can result to memory deficiency, deficiency in your equilibrium and correct dexterity of developments.
  4. Hypertension indicators : This side effect happens due to the depleted amount of oxygen in your blood,Sleep Apnea which can enhance the danger of sleep apnea stroke at an upsetting stage. This happens because the transmission of blood oxygen level in your body tissue are not correct.
  5. Diabetes : This is another health issue that is considered as one of the side effects of sleep apnea.

Other Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

Besides the medical conditions mentioned above, there are other sleep apnea side effects to take note of. Here are four more things you should be aware of.

  1. Daytime Fatigue : This is considered as one of the most usual side effects of sleep apnea due to the persistent panting and obstruction of air while you sleep at night. This kind of side effect of sleep apnea can lead to a car accident while you are driving and can decrease your job functioning as well as increase depression.
  2. Sore throat : The out of breath incidents happen when the flexible tissue at the rear part of your palate and throat constrict and obstruct the airway passage. Due to the fact that individuals with sleep apnea usually breathe through their mouth while sleeping, sore throat or dehydrated throat will be experienced as soon as they wake up.
  3. Headaches : This is another side effect of unaddressed disruptive sleep apnea. It is the result of depleted blood-oxygen amount that occurs during sleep and exactly connected to the disruptive incidents.
  4. Compromised Immune System : Normally, all people need at least six or eight hours of one hundred percent sleep every night to preserve a healthy, balanced and a physically powerful immune system. However, if you are experiencing sleep apnea, you will not be able to hold on to the required sleeping hours which can result to a depleted immune system.

The side effects of sleep apnea should not be overlooked. The sleeping disorder should be addressed so that you do not have to deal with the health problems mentioned above. Consult a certified health expert so you can address your sleep apnea correctly.

Of course, curing the various sleep apnea side effects can be better with prevention. You can use a product that will be of great help to your plight.

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