Acid Reflux Diet – 4 Facts You Need to Know

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Ever heard about acid reflux diet? Well, if you haven’t and you have the disorder, it’s about time you explore your options. It is best to know the relationship between acid reflux and diet and see why changing your eating habits can qualify as a natural cure for acid reflux.

It is necessary that when you are preparing an acid reflux diet you should know what foods to avoid and to include in the regimen. This is because of the fact that some particular types of foods can trigger heartburn indications. In the succeeding sections of this article, you will be able to read detailed information about acid reflux diet.

Facts About Acid Reflux Diet

Fact # 1 – How Food Affects Acid Reflux

There are two ways in which food affects the acid reflux in the body. It is important that you remember these two effects before creating an acid reflux diet. Here are the effects:

  • Food contains the ability to aggravate heartburn and gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) indications into two manners.  One way is it can intensify the development of stomach acid which then the extra acid escapes the stomach up to the esophagus resulting to GERD indications.
  • The other way is it can calm down the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the circle of muscles disconnecting the esophagus from the stomach.  The LES automatically makes way for the foods that go by from the esophagus down to the stomach. When LES muscles calm down at improper times, acid will go into the esophagus. If you have acid reflux, you should in no way incorporate peppermint in your diet because it is considered infamous in calming down the LES.
acid reflux diet

Fact # 2 – Relationship between Diet and Acid Reflux

Your selections of diets are not considered as among the origins of GERD.  Although some particular kinds of foods can aggravate GERD indications, they are not considered as the real origins of the situation.

Going along proper GERD regimen will not cure your acid reflux trouble.  However, it can tremendously decrease the gravity and regularity of heartburn and indigestion.

Fact # 3 – Efficiency of Acid Reflux Diet

The efficiency of a distinctive acid reflux diet will depend on several factors such as the regularity and gravity of heartburn and GERD indications; the particular kind of food that aggravates the condition; and your readiness to remain faithful to a GERD regimen. The weak occurrences of GERD can frequently be managed through acid reflux regimen and the serious GERD condition can really obtain advantages through a particular acid reflux plan.  However, other forms of medications may also be required to totally alleviate the symptoms caused the by the condition.

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Fact # 4 – Foods to Stay Away From if You Are on an Acid Reflux Regimen

GERD regimen is not difficult at all. You only have to stay away or control your intake of foods that can aggravate the condition like fried and fatty foods.  The other kinds of foods that you should avoid are caffeinated drinks, chocolate, citrus fruits and its juices, onions and garlic, peppermint, sodas, highly spiced foods, tea or coffee and tomatoes as well as all tomato-based foods.

It is important that when you are modifying your acid reflux diet, select the foods that are best for you because the effect of each food is not applicable to everyone.  What is not right for you may be right for others.  Each person has different tolerance to food that can aggravate or ease acid reflux.

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