Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy – Do You Know What It is?

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Today in this article i`m going to talk about the best sleeping position for pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses it harder and harder stay confortable. Around the 20 week mark, doctors and health experts recommend that your transition to one specific sleep position.

The Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy

American Academy of Pediatrics and a lot of health experts are gonna say that around the 20 week mark, which is about halfway through an average pregnancy, you are gonna want to transition to your side to sleep.

If you are think about it, stomach sleepers you are king of running out of time anyway with your bumb growing and back sleepers it is super important for you because as your uterus grows and as your organs sort of shift to go in different places.

When you do sleep on your back you are going to be compressing different things including a very important vein called the inferior vena cava.

inferior vena cava

This bring the deoxygenated blood up to your heart so if you are compressing it you can understand why that might not be very good for your health or the health of your baby.

Some other things to think about when you are sleeping on your back you can have issues like back aches, headaches, digestive issues, constipation and overall low blood circulation. So that are some of the reasons why doctors do recommend that you sleep on your side starting at about that 20 week mark.

If doctors and health experts had achoice between left or right side sleeping they are going to choose the left side sleeping. That is because when you sleep on your left side when you are pregnant the way that your organs and everything have shifted you are going to get more nutrients and more blood flow to your uperus and your kidneys and your growing baby a little bit easier.

So if you have to sleep on your side, which is highly suggested after the 20 week mark go ahead and just get yourself to the left side. So we have established that about the 20 week mark you are gonna want to transition to sleepeing on your left side, but if you are not used to doing that and you are already dealing with some aches and pains i want to recommed a pillow whether it be a bed pillow, body pillow or pragnancy pilow to help you stay comfortable.

Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy

I recommend pregnancy pillows because those are the ones that are really designed for your growing body and the different aches and pains that you are specifically going to have through your pregnancy.

Tips And Tricks For Pregnant Women

Frequent trips to the bathroom – who hasn`t had them. Your bladder is getting a lot a pressure on and of course that is going to change over different trimesters. You want to stay hydreated so i am not recommending that you dont dring water, but if you do that at the begining of the day because the less water you can drink towards the end of the night the less frequent trips you are going to have to go to the bathroom.

You are going to have to go no matter what but why don`t we just lessen the amount of trips you have to take. Definitely try to ease up on the water at the end of the night, but if you are thirsty or need more hydration, of course that is a priotity.

Nausea – this is something that can get you out of bed, it can bring you to your knees, it can be terrible and morning sickness is a joke because it can happen during all times of the day including at night when you are tiying to sleep.

One thing that can try is to have some bland crackers on your nightstand, so if you woke up during the night or even early in the morning, just grab a couple crackers, ate those, let it settle your stomach and in some cases you will be able to go back to sleep.

nausea and pregnancy

Heartburn – one thing you can do is to elevate your body so that`s when an ice wedge pillow comes in handy keeping your body upright helps from all of this pressure. Your organs are squished and if your digestive system is all messed up and that is part of the reason you are having the heartburns. Try to avoid having a super-heavy huge meal three gours before bed.

Backpain and tailbone pain – this are another issue especially at the end of your pregnancy when your muscles are being pulled in all different directions. It is so hard to stay confortable and stay asleep at night. That`s where pregnancy pillows really came in handly. They help you support areas that you are in pain with.

Pregnancy Tips For A Proper Sleep

The sleeping tips provided for pregnant women are explained here. They are divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy.

First Trimester : Throughout the initial trimester of women’s pregnancy, they can experience a variety of feelings starting from being alarmed to being extremely happy. Here are suggestions to get sufficient sleep during this period :

  • Sleep as much as possible every time there is a chance. Obtaining additional relaxation will help you get the sleep you need to alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing during pregnancy.
  • Try to ingest all the liquids you need during the day so that you can lessen your night-time visit to your bathroom.
  • If possible, sleep on your left side if you can. This is considered as the most excellent posture for better blood circulation. You can also utilize additional pillows amid your knees or beneath your stomach to aid you gain comfort.
  • Make sure that your bathroom is dimly lighted throughout the night so that you will not turn it on when you go inside and wake yourself totally.
  • Make sure that you sleep same time each night, and have naps if you feel tired.

Second Trimester : During the second trimester, the physical condition of a woman changes. She gains more weight as the baby grows in her womb. This can even lead to a more difficult time in sleeping. To prevent sleep problems during this phase, pregnant women are advised to consider the following tips :

  • Keep away from heartburn by staying away from consumption of spicy, fatty and fried foods.
  • Make sure that you sleep with your head and neck raised to retain the stomach acid in your stomach.
  • Take pleasure in obtaining good sleep and additional rest.
  • To make sure that you will not experience nightmares, stay away from consuming food prior to bedtime and make sure that you discuss with your spouse of your doctor anything regarding fears.

Third Trimester : This is considered at the stage of pregnancy when you will experience sleep challenges due to recurrent urination, incapability to obtain enough rest, additional weight, and anticipation of the forthcoming birth.

The majority of pregnant women struggles to remain awake due to the demanding fetal progress and fetal hiccups. This is the stage of pregnancy wherein women experience a lot of discomfort which can greatly impede their sleep. In this regard, these sleeping tips will help during this stage :

  • Make sure that you sleep on your left part to permit the most excellent blood surge not only to the unborn child in your womb but for your uterus as well as your kidneys. Sleeping on your left side will help enhance the transmission of blood into your heart.
  • Assist your body by utilizing a body pillow to aid you achieve a good sleep.
  • Stay away from drinking sodas and other forms of carbonated drinks because they can result to leg spasms.
  • Make sure that you consult your doctor immediately if you are experiencing snoring and tremendous soreness.

Pregnancy can cause sleeping problems; this is why sleeping tips for pregnant women may be able to help greatly. If you are pregnant always make sure that you get enough sleep and rest. This will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the child you are about to bring to this world.

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