Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment – End This Embarrassing Condition

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Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is ideal for the cure of the most painful and uncomfortable type of hemorrhoids known as bleeding hemorrhoids. Treating such a problem is important because it is always discomforting for an individual who has one.  Add to that the embarrassment that the condition may bring

Remember that bleeding in the rectal area is not simple to deal with. It may be an indication of a more serious condition.  This is the reason why bleeding hemorrhoids must be diagnosed and treated properly. But before going to that, let us have a recap of the causes of bleeding hemorrhoids.

Causes of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

First, you must know the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids before you can identify the effective treatment for it.  One of the most common causes of bleeding hemorrhoids is serious constipation and having very weak rectal vein walls.  This condition may also be caused by hypertension in the portal vein.  In some instances, even diarrhea may case hemorrhoid bleeding.

Moreover, it can be brought about by too much pressure on rectal veins as a result of prolonged sitting on a comfort room stool.  Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine can result in bleeding hemorrhoids.  Pregnancy may also lead to the said condition.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment Natural Remedy

Natural remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids is a better choice for most people who do not want to take the risk of going under a surgery.  Natural remedies for hemorrhoid may be in the form of herbs.  One of the natural remedies for bleeding hemorrhoid is Bilberry.  Its extract contains bioflavonoid which is known to improve blood circulation.

Another is Cayenne which is a very effective treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids.  It works by reliving pain and itch as it improves the sensory nerves.  Mullein is one of the safest herbal treatments for bleeding hemorrhoids as well.  It has soothing agents which eases inflamed and irritated skin.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment through Lifestyle Changes

Aside from applying different extracts, you should also consider making changes in your daily routine and diet if you want to do away with this problem.  You should drink plenty of water and include fiber-rich sources in your diet. 

In addition to that, eat more fruits and vegetables while decreasing your meat intake.  Furthermore, stop smoking and cut off your alcohol and caffeine intake because they worsen the bleeding hemorrhoid condition.

Having a more active lifestyle will help treat bleeding hemorrhoids.  A simple walking routine that is done on a daily basis will ease your problem.   In addition to that, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing and underwear.

Surgical Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Severe bleeding hemorrhoids may require surgery.  It is because it may lead to a more serious condition.  One of the most favored surgeries for bleeding hemorrhoids is the Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

It is popular because it is less painful and the recovery period is faster when compared to the regular hemorrhoidectomy.  It involves the use of a circular stapler which reduces the degree of hemorrhoids.

Another surgical treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is the Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation.  It makes use of a proctoscope and Doppler Transducer which isolates and ligates the hemorrhoid arteries.  This procedure is known to be efficient, safe and painless.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can be treated through natural remedies.  However, if the condition is already serious, surgery may be required.  But you should always keep in mind to consult your physician before employing any treatment.

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