Cures for Sleep Apnea – 6 Natural Techniques to Use

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Before knowing the cures for sleep apnea, you must first know everything about the sleeping disorder. Sleep apnea is a kind of sleeping syndrome that is characteristically established through loud and consistent snoring, waking up many times during the night, having problems being awake even during daytime or falling asleep on your drive or while driving. This kind of sleeping disorder can be healed and remedied.

Generally, sleep apnea is caused by extreme weight increase and constrained air passageway in your throat which can result to prevent patterns of breathing temporarily. This results in an intake of breath that individuals suffering from this type of disorder do not know.

As the syndrome progresses, victims of sleep apnea start encountering depleted libido for no obvious explanation, which can result to marital rift in couples. Snoring is not considered as the primary indication of sleep apnea syndrome. However, physicians usually look for this sign as an indication of sleep apnea in an individual.

Curing Sleep Apnea

The primary phase of curing sleep apnea is to contact your physician for advice if you think that you are suffering from this type of sleeping disorder. You will be advised to undergo a sleep study at a sleep center wherein they will put you to sleep. You will be attached to a heart monitor to be able to observe your sleeping pattern. They will also monitor your waking periods during the sleeping time.

Your physician may also recommend some diet and workout regimen, particularly if you are obese. He may recommend a humidifier to be attached into the CPAP machine to press on the air into your nasal passages and trachea to make sure that they will not disintegrate. Dental connection may also be attached so that the mouth remains open. This is done in order to clear the airway while you are sleeping.

Cures for Sleep Apnea

A surgical procedure may also be advised. However, the majority of physicians will not recommend this unless it is necessary or until you have undergone CPAP machine treatment for a sufficient amount of time. In view of this, you may want to know other cures for sleep apnea – the natural ones.

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Natural Cures for Sleep Apnea

Aside from scientific treatments, sleep apnea may also be treated through natural means. The following bullets show these cures :

  1. Reduce your intake of antihistamines, tranquilizers or alcohol.
  2. You should increase your standard sleep practices and make sure you get enough sleep at night.
  3. Make it a habit of burbling your mouth with the help of salt water to reduce the tonsils’ size.
  4. Avoid smoking or being exposed to pollutants and other forms of annoyance like perfume or dust.
  5. As much as possible, try to stop consuming foods that can develop mucus. Samples of these foods are dairy products and bananas. Stop your consumption of these foods for a period of two weeks. After the two-week period, you can start eating them again and observe if there are any changes in your condition.
  6. You also need to choose a better sleeping posture. This is considered mainly effective in treating sleep apnea
Natural Cures for Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you should keep away from sleeping on your back because it will make your tongue go down into the posterior of your throat causing constriction to airway passage and block your breathing. If you can, sleep on your stomach.

You are given many options as cures for sleep apnea. You need not worry if you are suffering from this condition. One cure is sure to treat your problem. But of course asking help from professionals is best.

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