External Hemorrhoids Treatment – Eliminate the Uncomfortable Feeling Caused by External Hemorrhoid

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External hemorrhoids treatment – how to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling caused by external hemorrhoids? Just like other types of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are characterized by pain, extreme irritation, bleeding, and discomfort to the one having it. 

The only difference maybe with external hemorrhoids from the other kinds of hemorrhoids is the area of its occurrence.

External hemorrhoids are located outside the anal canal.  Compared to that of internal hemorrhoids (which are situated inside the rectum), external hemorrhoids are more noticeable because of its fleshy growth outside the anal canal.  External hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the anus area, making the veins around it to swell and form a lump-like mass.  It is often painful, itchy (pruritus ani), and irritating. 

The tangling skin of external hemorrhoids are unusually sensitive that just a slight thud on the area may cause pain and bleeding.  Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids are sometimes being mistaken as   external hemorrhoids because of its too much visibility from the outside. 

Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids really originated from the inside of the anus, but due to its worsen state, the fleshy lumps protruded externally.

Types of External Hemorrhoids Treatment

For mild cases of external hemorrhoids, lukewarm baths is the most popular form of external hemorrhoids treatment.  It is also popularly known as sitz baths.  Sit in the lukewarm water (it is more convenient to use a tub) for ten to twenty minutes to relieve pain and reduce swelling.  Do this several times a day. 

Another external hemorrhoids treatment that can easily be done at home is the application of ice-packs on the affected area to provide some relief.  Another form of treatment is the use of hemorrhoids cream, ointments, and suppositories.

External Hemorrhoids Treatment - Eliminate the Uncomfortable Feeling Caused by External Hemorrhoid

For serious forms of external hemorrhoids, doctors usually recommend for someone to undergo fixative procedures or surgical treatments in order to get rid of the hemorrhoids.   Many people have claimed that surgery is the best form of external hemorrhoids treatment because of its longer-term effect and it really scrapes off the fleshy lump that protrudes in the anus.

Aside from external hemorrhoids treatment, there are also some preventive measures for external hemorrhoids – to prevent further complications or rejuvenation (that those that have healed already beforehand). 

Though there are really some cases of hemorrhoids that were brought due to inheritance (it runs really in the blood), still further “damage” can be prevented.

The choice of clothing plays an important factor in reducing discomfort and irritations brought by hemorrhoids.  External hemorrhoids have the tendency to rub against under wears and might cause further swelling of the lump.  Avoid wearing tight-hugging under wears which may increase pressure on external hemorrhoids.  Also, always wear clean under wears.

For long hours of sitting (brought by work in the office), it is advisable to use a cushion so as not to directly put too much pressure towards the butt area.  Cushions will lessen the pressure on the blood vessel veins in the anus and will provide a little “comfort” on the affected area.

External Hemorrhoids

Another better way of not complicating further the external hemorrhoids is to have a healthy diet.  Eating foods rich in fiber and drinking lots of water a day can aid digestion and help for the softening stool. 

People having external hemorrhoids need to have a soft stool so that during bowel movements there would be less pressure or straining which might lead to bleeding and rupturing of the hemorrhoids.

Preventive Treatment for External Hemorrhoids

Although there are plenty of ways to ease the symptoms of external hemorrhoid as well as cure the real root causes of the problem, the condition can keep on coming back.  That is why it is also helpful to know how to prevent external hemorrhoid from bothering you again in the future. The best way to do this is to make permanent changes in your lifestyle.

One aspect of your daily routine that you should focus on changing is your diet.  You should eat foods that are rich in fiber and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals.  You should also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Another way to prevent external hemorrhoids from coming back is to wear loose clothing and underwear.  In addition to that, make sure that your soap and laundry detergent do not contain irritants like dyes and perfumes.  It would also be better if you wash with soap and water rather than wiping your rectal area after using the comfort room.

If you want, there is also an external hemorrhoid treatment that can help prevent your problem from bothering you. This is Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief Formula.  The product guarantees to stop itching and bleeding as well as reduce swelling that is commonly associated with hemorrhoids.

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