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There are many ways to get rid of hemorrhoids.  There are the natural ways, which does not really involve sophisticated methods, and there are also some ways that require surgery.  Treatments, though, vary on the size of hemorrhoids and the extent of its damage to one’s vein in the region of the anus.

But what is a hemorrhoid? Hemorrhoid is a painful swelling of a vein in a certain portion in the anal area.  It is often characterized with intense bleeding and too much pain.  The swelling is brought by the enlargement of blood vessels that line the rectum/anus due to too much pressure. 

The enlargement, then, results in a sac-like protrusion inside the anus area or under the skin outside the anus.

Anybody can have hemorrhoids and it occur at any time.  Those who are more than 35 years old and beyond are more prone to hemorrhoids.  Obese children, pregnant women or those who have already given birth are the ones who are also likely to have hemorrhoids.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids?

There are lots of ways how to get rid of hemorrhoids.  There are hemorrhoids that can be cured through natural methods, while there are some hemorrhoids that require surgery in getting rid of it.

Natural Ways or the Non-surgical treatments

  • warm baths : take sitz baths several times during the day using lukewarm water.  This can soften the swelling and helps in killing the bacteria that cause the hemorrhoids.
  • proper diet : eating the right kind of food and maintaining a healthy diet can contribute a lot in the rapid healing of hemorrhoids.  Choosing the proper food to eat can help you how to get rid of hemorrhoids.  Always see to it that you regularly eat foods which are high in fiber.  This can make bowel movement easier.
  • good hygiene : for you to get rid of hemorrhoids rapidly, always maintain proper hygiene especially in the anal area.  Clean the anus each time you remove bowel by using moist toilet paper and soap.  This can prevent bacteria in encroaching the area which as hemorrhoid.
  • steroid ointments : application of cortisone creams, steroid ointments and petroleum jelly on the affected area can help how to get rid of hemorrhoids. Ask your physician the appropriate cream to use.
Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Surgical treatments

Treating hemorrhoids by surgery is recommendable among those patients that have already large hemorrhoids. Large hemorrhoids are usually painful and are characterized by profuse bleeding.  The following are some surgical treatments that can rid-off hemorrhoids:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy : the doctor cuts the area in the anus that has the hemorrhoid.  This is usually an outpatient procedure.  The patient is also being given anesthesia (local or general) before the surgery to lessen the pain.  Hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical procedure in removing hemorrhoids.
  • PPH : PPH or also known as the procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids is another kind of surgery for hemorrhoids.  This, however, has fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery.  In this method, the doctor uses a stapler-like device (PPH hemorrhoid stapler) to remove hemorrhoids and cut-off its blood supply.

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