How To Prevent Acid Reflux – 11 Ways to Avert the Condition

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How to prevent acid reflux?The different ways to prevent acid reflux are not that difficult to do. All you need to have is the how to and the discipline to back it up. Basically, there are trouble-free guidelines that you can go along with to evade acid reflux. 

These guidelines are simple and do not require any time limit. This means you can work on conquering the problem at your own pace – slowly but surely.

Guidelines to Prevent Acid Reflux

Acid reflux prevention, as what was mentioned, is quite simple to follow. You only need to equip yourself with the right ways to avoid the condition. The following are some helpful instructions you can do:

  1. Eat small portion of meals, but do it more often.  If your stomach is loaded with food, it can set additional force on your lower esophageal sphincter or LES, which will intensify the possibility that a quantity of these foods will go back to your esophagus.
  2. Control your consumption of foods and drinks which can increase acid in your stomach.  Choose the kinds of food that will not result to acid reflux and stay away from those foods that frequently cause indigestion.
  3. Avoid consuming foods at least three hours prior going to bed because lying down when you are full can result to pressure on your LES. This accelerates the possibilities that the food will go through your esophagus.
  4. Raise-up your head at least several inches when you sleep.  Elevating your head is useful in lessening the weight to your stomach.  There are lots of means to raise-up your head like putting blocks or something that is strong under your bed. You can also try utilizing a wedge-shaped pillow.
  5. Control your weight.  It is important that you should maintain a desirable weight because excessive weight can intensify stomach stress and can lead the substances of your stomach to go back to the esophagus.  It is a fact that obese individuals encounter acid reflux more than those persons who have lesser weight.
  6. Avoid putting on tight fitting clothes and belts in the region of your waist. This can constrict your stomach, empowering the food to go up adjacent to the lower esophageal sphincter up to the esophagus.
  7. Avoid smoking.  Although it is considered that nicotine can calm down the esophageal sphincter, it can also invigorate the development of stomach acid.
  8. Stay away from drinking alcohol because it can intensify acid reflux.
  9. Slow down.  Try to slow down on your daily activities to avoid stress. Stress is the major cause of acid reflux.
  10. Store acid reflux data.  It is important that you should keep a data on the things that activated your acid reflux incidents, the deterioration of every occurrence, and the way your body responds to the condition and the things that helped relieve the situation.  You can bring the data the next time you visit your doctor to help you both determine the kind of lifestyle alterations you will have and the type of treatments which will provide you optimum support.
  11. Drink sufficient amount of water.  Instead of drinking beer, wine, soda and other kinds of beverages that contain carbon and acid, drink plain water to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux.
Prevent Acid Reflux

If you do not want to suffer from the condition, it is high time for you to follow the ways on how to prevent acid reflux. However, if you are already suffering from the condition, you may want to seek the help of a physician before purchasing any medicine for acid reflux. Do not let acid reflux pass without doing anything about it. You may regret it if you do so.

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