Indigestion Remedy – The 4 Options You Have

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Indigestion remedies come in different forms.  Easing indigestion may require changes in diet or use of herbs.  These remedies are used to prevent and treat mild cases of indigestion.  More serious kinds of indigestion can be treated by medicines or even through therapy. Also check out home remedy for indigestion article.

Indigestion Remedy # 1 – Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Since indigestion is caused by poor diet, changes should be made on how one consumes food in order to treat or prevent it. Natural remedy may also refer to some simple routine which may also deal with the condition.

Remedy 1. Instead of eating three heavy meals a day, eat several light meals daily.

Remedy 2. You should never skip a meal and avoid overeating.

Remedy 3. Do not eat too quickly and avoid gulping too much beverage while eating.

Remedy 4. Stay away from fatty and spicy foods.  In addition to that, avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Remedy 5. Gulp down half a glass of pineapple juice after every meal.

Remedy 6. Drink a mixture of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of hot water before eating.

Remedy 7. Consume half a teaspoon of aniseed.

Remedy 8. Drink ginger after eating a heavy meal.

Indigestion Remedy

Indigestion Remedy # 2 – Herbal Remedies for Indigestion

There are a lot of herbs that can deal with indigestion.  They are known to relieve acute as well as chronic indigestion.  Some herbs have same effects as others.

  1. Angelica. This herb can relieve flatulence and spasms.
  2. Caraway Oil. This relieves flatulence and fullness.
  3. Cinnamon. It is an effective herb to relieve indigestion because it alleviates bloating and cramping in the stomach.
  4. Gentian. This herb is known to diminish bloating and flatulence caused by fatty foods.
  5. Ginger. Ginger tea is good for treatment of digestive problems including indigestion and stomach irritation.
  6. Turmeric. This herb can ease stomach irritation which can cause indigestion.

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Indigestion Remedy # 3 – Medicine as Remedy for Indigestion

There are a lot of over the counter medicines and prescription medicines for indigestion.  The most commonly used ones are antacids.  This drug works by neutralizing the acid in your stomach.  Alginate is another medication which treats indigestion caused by acid reflux.   These drugs should be taken immediately after eating for their effects to last longer.

If antacids or alginates do not relieve your indigestion, then you ask your doctor to prescribe you a prokinetic drug.  This medication helps in making the food pass from the stomach to the small intestine quickly.  Prokinetic is taken 15 to 30 minutes before eating to prevent indigestion.

Indigestion Remedy # 4 – Alternative Remedies for Indigestion

Some people may find it helpful to undergo therapies to treat their indigestion.  Psychological methods are believed to relieve this condition.  They are also said to reduce the risk of the condition from coming back.  Some of the most common therapies used as indigestion remedy are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Techniques.

However, these alternative treatments can be expensive and may require several sessions.  In addition to that, there are only a few studies to support the effectiveness of this kind of indigestion remedy.

The discussed indigestion remedies are all effective in relieving your digestive problem.  Just choose the kind of remedy which you think will work best in treating your indigestion.  You can try the natural or herbal remedies first and if they do not work, then that is time you should consider taking medication or going for a therapy.

You can also employ another cure for indigestion in homeopathic form. There is a natural cure for acid reflux that you can use in the process of relieving yourself of the pain. Also you can try this 5-step plan aiming to eliminate heartburn, acid reflux, and other related gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Compiled by Jeff Martin, this guide appears to be founded on proven holistic strategies, which Jeff affirms helped him overcome his esophageal cancer diagnosis.

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