Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids – Inexpensive Way of Treating Hemorrhoids

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Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are inexpensive means of easing the pain and swelling brought about by the condition.  They are made from plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables.  The good thing is that these natural remedies can be administered at the comfort of your home.

Before you actually assess the different natural hemorrhoid treatments, you may want to know more about its benefits.  After all, you may not actually bite on the treatment unless it will be beneficial to your end.  Therefore you have to pay attention to the following facts.

Benefits of Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids have a lot of benefits. One of the positive things about natural hemorrhoid remedies is that they are completely safe.  They do not cause allergies nor have side effects. You can also make your own natural remedy for hemorrhoid.  Apart from easing hemorrhoids, these natural remedies can also treat other conditions linked to the digestive tract.

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids – What Foods You Eat

A lot of people are turning to natural treatments for hemorrhoid because they are inexpensive, easy to prepare and free from side effects.  One of the most popular natural remedy for hemorrhoid is fiber. 

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

It softens the stool and relieves bleeding. Fiber also alleviates symptoms of hemorrhoid such as pain, itching and discomfort.  The best sources of fiber are whole grains, fruits, vegetables and ground flaxseeds.  You should drink sufficient amount of water together with fiber-rich foods to achieve an effective result.

Another natural food source used for treating hemorrhoids is Bioflavonoid.  This is a type of plant compound that is found in citrus fruits.  It strengthens blood vessel walls and decreases inflammation.  It also eases pain, anal discharge and discomfort.  Bioflavonoid is the natural remedy used for treating hemorrhoid in pregnant women.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments in the Form of Herbs

Aside from food sources, herbs are always considered as natural treatments for the hemorrhoid problem. In some instances, these herbs can form part of the hemorrhoid relief formula that you can buy over the counter.  At times they may also be used solely to solve your digestive tract issues.

Hamamelis Virginiana, more commonly known as Witch Hazel is a natural topical treatment for hemorrhoids.  It acts as an astringent which dries up and cools the affected area.  Witch Hazel reduces hemorrhoid symptoms such as pain, swelling and itching.

Rucus aculeatus or Butcher’s Broom is a plant that is traditionally used as treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.  It has anti-inflammatory and vein-constricting properties.  These are the reasons why butcher’s broom is effective in relieving swollen tissues and improve circulation in the veins.

Aesculus hippocastanum also known as Horse Chestnut is an herb with similar effects as the Butcher’s Broom.  This herb is used for conditions where there is poor circulation in the vein.  It is used as treatment for hemorrhoid by alleviating inflammation and swelling.  Horse Chestnut also strengthens blood vessel walls.

Hemorrhoid Exercises

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids may also come in the form of exercises.  A simple 20-minute walking exercise everyday can reduce the risk of having hemorrhoids.  Bending exercises upon rising in the morning or before going to bed at night will aid in lifting the sphincter muscle which leads to treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms. 

The bending exercise is done by raising your hands above your head then bending forward with hands touching the floor as close as possible.  This exercise can be done for two to three minutes twice a day.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoid can treat minor to moderate hemorrhoid conditions.  They are safe and convenient to anyone.  However, you should still consult your physician to know the best remedy for your condition.

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