Reiki Treatment – What to Expect?

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If you’ve ever had a massage, you might be under the impression that you know what to expect with a Reiki treatment. The truth is, a Reiki treatment will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Where Does the Reiki Energy Come From?

Reiki is a very subtle energy.  It can’t be compared to electricity or chemical energy, or even to other kinds of physical energy.  It is believed that the Reiki energy comes from the Higher Power, which is said to exist on a different dimension. 

When viewed clairvoyantly, the Reiki energy appears to come down from above the Earth.  The true source of Reiki energy is from within us.  We do not use our own personal or physical energy to give Reiki to others.  Instead, the energy comes from a transcendental part of us, which is connected to an infinite supply of healing and calming energy.

Is Reiki Like a Religion?

Reiki energy is spiritual and calming by nature, however, it is not a religion.  Practitioners are never asked to change religions and may carry their own specific beliefs.

How is a Reiki Treatment Given?

During a standard Reiki treatment, energy flows from the practitioner’s hands directly into the client or recipient.  The client is typically lying on a massage table, which has a special place to cradle the client’s face when they’re on their stomach. 

Treatment typically begins with the client on his or her back for the first half of the appointment.  The client is instructed to turn over onto their stomach mid-way through the appointment and completes the treatment on his or her stomach, face-down.  The Reiki practitioner will typically begin at the top of the body, around the crown of the head, and work his or her way down to the feet.

What Does a Reiki Treatment Feel Like?

Everyone’s experiences vary during a Reiki treatment from individual to individual.  Individuals typically describe a feeling of deep relaxation and can feel a heat sensation flowing through their body.  The Reiki energy encourages the individual to let go and relax completely.  Some individuals drift off into a Reiki sleep during treatment.  At the end of a treatment, the person will feel relaxed, balanced and refreshed.

What Can Be Treated with a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is positive for all forms of life and objects.  It can help anything from minor stomach issues to more serious issues.  Some studies prove that regular Reiki treatment may help improve the symptoms and side effects cancer patients experience during cancer treatments. 

It can be used on the elderly, children, babies, pets and objects.  Reiki can be infused into objects, so a person may receive the Reiki energy by simply holding the object.  Reiki can be put into food, water and even the walls of your home.

Can You Give Self Reiki Treatments?

Yes, anyone can learn to do Reiki.  The procedures are simple and it depends on how far you want to take it.  There are three levels and a master level for Reiki practitioners.  The energy gets stronger with each level you achieve, but you can be very effective even at a level I Reiki. 

Reiki Treatment

You can perform Reiki on yourself and when you perform Reiki on others, you are, in essence, giving yourself a type of treatment.  Reiki is wonderful that way.  Anyone can learn Reiki at any time.  Each level takes only an hour or two and a lot of practice to achieve.

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Reiki?

Beginning Reiki is typically taught over a short weekend or even a day class.  It can be done, with practice sessions, over a two-day period of time.  Most people recommend setting aside at least six or seven hours for the first level of Reiki.  The attunement takes about an hour to accomplish.  After the attunement, you must learn to use your Reiki skills and how to direct the Reiki energy.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

A Reiki attunement is a process in which a student receives the ability to give Reiki treatments from a Reiki practitioner master.  It is passed on by touching the student in various parts of their body and with special breathing techniques.

Long Distance Reiki

Reiki can be sent long distance.  This is something which is taught during Reiki studies.  It takes some focus and some practice, but it is possible.  Many practitioners offer long distance Reiki as a means of healing and helping people.

Children and Reiki

Anyone can learn to do Reiki, even children.  As long as they have the capacity to learn how to direct their Reiki energy, a child can learn Reiki and it will benefit him or her to give Reiki to others as well as themselves.  People who have chronic illness may consider becoming some level of Reiki practitioner so that they can give themselves regular Reiki treatments. 

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A typical Reiki treatment lasts about an hour and is about $50 to $60, which can get expensive for someone who needs more than even one treatment a week.  Even at one treatment a week, that is easily $240 a month that most of us don’t have additional to spend. 

In this case, it’s easier for someone to spend the money to become a Reiki practitioner so that he or she can give treatments to themselves on a regular basis.

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