Remedies for Heartburn – 4 General Remedies

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There are different kinds of remedies for heartburn.  There are natural or herbal remedies for the said condition.  There are also non-prescription and prescription medications.  Furthermore, if the heartburn is already serious, a surgical procedure may also be done as remedy.

These remedies function in different ways again. Remember that you can only undertake them depending on the severity of the condition. Plus, surgery is the last option. It’s not like just undergoing the knife for cosmetic procedures. You need proper diagnosis to be able to employ surgery for acid reflux.

Natural Remedies for Heartburn

Natural remedies for heartburn are things you can do at home to prevent or ease the pain caused by the condition.  It is also commonly known as home remedies for heartburn.  They do not only reduce heartburn but they also prevent it from recurring.  Here are some natural remedies for heartburn.

Remedy 1. You can eat banana, cucumber or watermelon to reduce heartburn.

Remedy 2. Drink a glass of coconut water 3 to 4 times a day.

Remedy 3. Drink a mixture of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water before every meal.

Remedy 4. Drink chamomile tea after eating a heavy meal.

Remedy 5. A teaspoon of mustard can immediately ease heartburn.

Remedies for Heartburn

Herbal Remedies for Heartburn

Plenty of herbs can be used as remedy for heartburn.  However, there are three most commonly used to ease the condition.  These are chamomile, ginger and peppermint.

  1. Chamomile. This herb is known to reduce cramps and inflammation in the stomach.  It also helps in proper digestion so heartburn can be prevented.  Chamomile is rich in calcium which diminishes stomach acids.
  2. Ginger. This herb is commonly used as treatment for different gastrointestinal conditions.  Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and it aids in proper digestion.  It reduces acidity in the stomach and lessens gastric secretion which are both associated with heartburn.
  3. Peppermint. Peppermint is believed to have a calming effect in the stomach.

Medications as Remedy for Heartburn

Medications are used for the fast relief of heartburn.  Some drugs are also prescribed by doctors to people who frequently have heartburns.  They are used to prevent or treat the condition.

  1. Antacids. This is the most common medicine used to relieve heartburn.  Antacids neutralize the acid in the stomach.
  2. Histamine Receptor Antagonists. This medication decreases the production of acid in the stomach thus relieving heartburn.
  3. Proton Pump Inhibitors. These are prescription medications.  They work by preventing excessive release of acid in the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Promotility Agents. This is usually prescribed to individuals who suffer from slow gastric emptying.  This medication hastens digestion.  It also prevents acids from staying too long in the stomach.

Surgery as Remedy for Heartburn

When heartburn can no longer be treated by natural remedies and medications, a surgery can be performed.  The most common surgical procedure for the treatment of severe heartburn is Fundoplication. 

The types of this surgery are Laparoscopis Fubdoplication and Open Fundoplication. The former is the type that is more commonly performed because it involves small incision and the recovery time is faster.  On the other hand, the latter requires large incision and recovery time may take a week or longer.

Remedies for Heartburn - Surgery

Remedies for heartburn have different purposes.  Some are for prevention while others are for treatment. There are remedies that are very inexpensive and even free.  Natural and herbal remedies can treat mild heartburn while medication and surgery deals with more serious and severe kinds of heartburn.

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