Using Reiki on Pets and Others

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Benefits of Reiki on Pets and People

Here are some benefits of reiki for pets and people :

  • Reiki helps to loosen blocked energy throughout the body while promoting a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Reiki can promote relief from acute and chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
  • It can significantly reduce stress and tension.
  • It can shorten the healing time after medical procedures.
  • It can both boost and strengthen your immune system.
  • Can help release blocked and suppressed feelings.
  • Works in conjunction with all types of emotional and physical healing.

Like people, animals can benefit from Reiki too!  It doesn’t matter if your pets are dogs, cats, birds, fish orferrets,they can use a little bit of the good Reiki energy.  Even horses and other larger animals will reap the benefits of a good Reiki treatment. 

Hopefully you groom and touch your pet often.  If so, he or she should be open to receiving the Reiki touch.  Keep in mind that animals are more sensitive than humans and so they may not be able to handle Reiki sessions for long period of time like people can.

If you would like to give Reiki to an animal that is not used to being touched, you may have to do long distance Reiki.  You can infuse the water of a fish tank with Reiki by placing your hands on the outside of the tank, for example.

Here are some situations when you may wish to give a Reiki treatment to an animal or pet:

  • When they are filling ill or are sick.  Reiki can help the healing process and works with any type of medical intervention.
  • Regardless of age, you can give Reiki to animals no matter what age they are.  It can be implemented in any situation.
  • When the animal has experienced trauma.  Animals can always use loving energy, but they can especially use it when they have experienced some sort of trauma.  Animals who have experienced abuse, loss or have recently moved may benefit from Reiki.  Reiki can also help behavioral disorders and depression.
Reiki on pets

Finding a Reiki pet practitioner may be difficult.  Not everyone is comfortable working on animals.  It will be easier for you to find a practitioner if you have a pet that will travel. 

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There are some pet groomers, pet trainers and breeders, which offer Reiki treatment services.  Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a Reiki pet practitioner:

  • Any Reiki practitioner can give your pet Reiki.  There are some specific practitioners who specialize in giving Reiki to animals.
  • Some animal lovers who work in a veterinarian’s office or work with pets often times take Reiki training so that they can implement Reiki treatments into their practice or line of work.  Some practitioners specialize in treating all animals and some in specific types of animals.
  • In certain cities, you may find Reiki clinics, which are especially for pets.  You must have an animal that can travel and is okay with being around other animals to visit such a clinic.
  • You can learn Reiki on your own and can practice Reiki on your pet no matter what level of practitioner you are.

Reiki Techniques That Can Be Implemented With Pets

  • Long distance Reiki can be performed from anywhere.  For animals which are particularly sensitive, this may be best.  This technique an be used to treat any type of trauma or an animal, which may have suffered in the past.
  • Beaming Reiki from across the room is a process in which you are with the animal and begin by beaming to connect with the animal from a safe distance.  You will have the opportunity to connect with the animal and to become closer.
  • Reiki with hands hovering over the body.  Some pets can tolerate this type of Reiki for a longer period of time than when the practitioner’s hands are directly resting on the animal.
  • Hands-on Reiki is when the practitioner rests their hands directly on the pet.  This type of Reiki can be rather intense for some animals.

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Group Reiki is when several people perform group Reiki on a group of large animals, such as horses and large dogs.  This helps both the animals and the practitioners.

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